Favourite TV Shows !

As you all know, I am pretty obsessed with tv shows. I basically spend 80% of my free time watching them (the other 20% are spent sleeping tbh) and I just don’t seem to get enough ! The annoying thing about me is that I go through phases and could spend months watching the same thing and then stop and start something new which means I’m basically late on every one of my shows. Doesn’t seem to stop me from starting new ones though haha. Anyways, my friend Daniela Pires uploaded a video on her youtube channel listing some of her favourites and I thought it’d be an amazing idea to do the same here, in case you’re looking for something new to watch or just someone to fangirl with (I’m your girl). Obviously, I have a lot more than just what I’ve listed but these were the ones that came into my mind 🙂

Gilmore Girls

It's Friday night, we should be out partying with the homies

image from fckyeahgilmoregirls.tumblr.com

I mean obviously I have to start with my ultimate favourite show, right? This won’t come as a surprise to anyone but I am completely obsessed with Gilmore Girls. I even dedicated a whole post to the show a while back. This is probably the most relatable show I’ve ever watched just because I basically am Rory. This is the perfect show to just relax on the couch, either when you’re sick, need a to laugh.. It’s just a feel-good show. Just trust me and watch it okay?

One Tree Hill

Everyone should have that. A place that makes them happy.

image from theodysseyonline.com

I mean One Tree Hill is a classic, if you haven’t watched it (first of all how) than you just need to. My brother and I used to watch this show all the time when it came on TV. Also a really relatable show but definitely less funny than Gilmore Girls, since it’s a drama. I can’t wait to marathon it with my sister once we’re done with Glee, just because of how important this show is to me. My love for Brooke Davis has been the same since day one and Naley will always be my relationship goal. Good reminder that friendship and family are both really important and that you need to follow your dreams, no matter what people tell you !

This Is Us

The Big Three

image from nbcthisisus.tumblr.com

I think This Is Us is my favourite show of 2016. I mentionned how excited I was for it in my TV Shows I’m Excited For This Autumn blogpost and boy I was not disappointed. I think this show may have drained all my tears. It’s just such a powerful and beautiful show. You will love every single member of the Pearson family and get way too involved with their well-being. I already loved Mandy Moore and Milo VentimigIia but I’m just obsessed with them at this point. I can’t wait for Season 2 !

Thirteen Reasons Why

Hannah Baker Crying with Clay Jensen

image from hercampus.com

I read the book Thirteen Reasons Why years ago and it has been one of my favourites ever since. After all these years waiting for an adaptation, I was quite nervous to see the result but to be honest, the show is even better in the way that it gets deeper into the story. Having delt with some of the main subjects of the show, it was important to me for it to be rightfully represented. The awareness spread by this show is so important, I even watched the show  with my sister for her to realise how actions/words can impact someone’s life. I feel like everyone could benefit from the show.


Stay out of my way

image from thedailyedge.ie

I started watching Broadchurch a few weeks ago and basically finished the two first seasons in a few days and had to wait for new episodes of the third seasons to come out. The show just ended this week, which I’m really bummed about. I love everything about the show – the scenery, the actors, David Tennant’s accent, the mystery… I actually found out who was guilty for each crime but never knew their reasons, which is why I was still looking forward the reveal at the end of each season. Plus, everyone was still shady so I wasn’t sure I was right every time. I also really appreciate the way some serious topics are dealt with in the show, but I won’t spoil it for you 😉

The 100

We survive together

image from screenertv.com


Obviously, I love the 100, I wouldn’t have gone to a convention if I didn’t. Although I first started it because I love shows about people surviving in an unknown territory, I just really enjoyed seeing the show grow and get more serious with time. For some reason, I really enjoy watching people fight until they die, it’s therapeutic to me (I sound like a total psycopath but I mean it as in the violence in the shows keep me from being violent myself, I could never do what they do) We’ve watched the characters grow, lose so much and it just seems like they’re never gonna find peace, which is quite scary. But it also shows the will to survive, fight for your people and shows how difficult it is to draw the line between what is necessary and what is unforgivable. I just find it sad that some people just care about their ships when the show is about so much more than that.

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