The most random haul !

The Most Random Haul

As some of you may know, last week was my 20th birthday. I had planned to post a « What I Got For My Birthday » blogpost, but since I only got money (which I am still extremely grateful for), it became a bit complicated to post it haha. I did treat myself to some things during my birthday week though, which I thought I’d share with you ! I will of course link every item I can find, in case you’d be interested in purchasing them as well !

The Most Random Haul

The Body Shop – Vineyard Peach Softening Body Butter (200ml)

The Body Shop – Moringa Body Butter (50ml)

The Body Shop – Fuji Green Tea Body Butter (50ml)

The Body Shop – Coconut Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub (50ml)

The Body Shop – Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter (90ml)

The Most Random Hauld

Kiko Milano – Power Pro Nail Lacquer (Shade 80 Cold Gold)

Kiko Milano – Power Pro Nail Lacquer (Shade 28 Tea Rose)

Yves Rocher – Grand Rouge Elixir liquid lipstick (Shade 102)

Yves Rocher – Grand Rouge Elixir liquid lipstick (Shade 112)

The Most Random Haul

Ed Sheeran – Divide

All Time Low – Last Young Renegade

Taylor Swift – Speak Now

The Most Random Haul

Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters

The Most Random Haul

Liberto Ankle Boots

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What I Got For Christmas 2016

Happy New Year !

Although it’s kind of late (one of my present only arrived earlier this week), I thought I’d share with you what I got for Christmas since the nosy side of me likes to read/hear about it from other people. Maybe I’m not the only one – I mean, I’m probably not, otherwise this kind of post wouldn’t exist, would it? Don’t forget to tell me what YOU got for Christmas, just to fill my curiosity ! 😉

What I got for Christmas 2016 20170101_140815 20170101_140855

2 jumpers

Skecthbook – 2017 Jane Austen Planner – Purse

Hermione Granger & Severus Snape Funko Pop

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Favourite Lydia Martin outfits

I have been obsessed with Teen Wolf ever since it came out, and knowing that this season is gonna be the last one feels so weird ! I feel like my teenage years are ending, after all PLL and the Vampire Diaries are also ending and those three shows were the most significant ones for my teenage years.

One of the main things I have been loving these past few years is looking at the characters outfits – I may not dress as well as I hope I would, but I know how to appreciate a good outfit. One of the characters’ wardrobe I’m most envious of is Lydia Martin’s. Out of all the shows I usually watch, she probably is my favourite to be honest. I feel like every time a new episode comes out, I’m looking forward to seeing a new outfit, which can seem ridiculous but it’s just how it is.

To celebrate the show coming back, I decided to gather some of my favourite looks of hers and share them with you. Because who doesn’t like to see people dressed well, especially when they’re as beautiful as Holland Roden? 😉

Lydia Martin outfits

What I got for my 19th birthday !

20160903_102718 20160903_104131 20160903_104159

Do you ever feel like time passes even more quickly as the years come by? This is how I’ve been feeling lately, which can be a little scary when I realise I’m only nineteen… How is it gonna be once I’m in my sixties?

I celebrated my birthday last saturday but didn’t upload this blogpost until today because I really wanted to put all my presents but only got some of them a few days ago. I don’t think I have gotten presents for that many people in many years – except for my birthday parties of course. This year, my parents, brother, sister, two best friends, Godfather and cousin all managed to make me feel special and for that, I’ll always be thankful. Presents aren’t about what I physically get but more about the intention, the time and effort put into finding me something. I even bought myself a little treat at The Body Shop – which ended up costing me less than 1€ thanks to the sales and the price reductions I gained with my fidelity card.

I celebrated my birthday, not by throwing a big party like most people would do, but by staying home watching Gilmore Girls all day. Everyone knows I’m not much of a party girl and would rather spend my day doing something I actually enjoy – and what could be better than one of my favourite shows? Well, I guess you could say I did party at my birthday given that my best friend who was celebrating hers (she’s born on the 26th and I on the 27th) decided to share her spotlight with me at midnight. The most important thing is that I felt happy the entire day and blessed to be surrounde by the people I love.

I linked all the things I could find on the internet below so you can see the products better – especially for the clothes. If you have any problem with anything or just a question about the products, feel free to ask me !

The Body Shop – Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

Nocibé – Basic Palette Pastel

Nocibé – Basic Palette (natural look)

Pimkie – Pastel Biker Jacket 

Pimkie – Crossed Neck Jumper

Pimkie – Printed T-Shirt With Peter Pan Collar

Luna Allegra – Navy Boxy Shirt Dress

Hufflepuff Crest™ Embroidered Banner


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Clothing Haul


I’ve never been much of a « shopping girl ». I do enjoy having chosing new clothes and buying them but I don’t actually like going into the shops, for some reason. There is a better chance for me to get carried away if I shop online than in the shops, which is why this post may look a little light for a haul but I thought I’d share with you the few bits I got when I went shopping with my mum Friday morning.

This little shopping session actually had a purpose, which was that I needed something to put over my dress for my sister’s baptism, which is the day this post will be put online, and to buy myself pants that are not jeans, considering that I own way too many jeans and only one pair of normal pants. As you will soon realise, I didn’t buy anything for the baptism, and only found one pair of pants that I liked, but I did find other items. I’d also like to add that, even though Mango and H&M are stores I’m used to going to, it was my first time going to New Look – I think it opened quite recently – and I was definitely not disappointed !



I have been trying lately to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to clothing and this dress was exactly what I needed. I don’t usually wear dresses but have slowly been building my little collection. This dress is the only printed one I own. God knows I never would’ve considered wearing a dress with safari animals on it, and yet here I am. The dress may look weird on the pic, but I promise that once you put the black belt on it and put your hair up, it makes you look absolutely perfect. The dress in itself is a real lightweight so it would be perfect for the end of Spring, when it starts to actually be warm but not too warm either.



I only own one shirt like this in my wardrobe, and it’s definitely been something that has been missing. I love shirts because they’re really comfy but you still look great in them, effortlessly great. This shirt is also quite warm so I know I’m gonna love wearing it either in Spring or Autumn.



As I’ve said before, I have lately been looking for pants that aren’t jeans, in order to have a more diversed wardrobe. Given that I also want to try getting out of my comfort zone – understand stop wearing monochromatic clothes -these pants were exactly what I needed, because they still aren’t crazy looking. Baby steps, baby steps. Anyway, I thought they looked really cute and can’t wait to wear them !


H&M SHIRT – 19.99€

Another shirt, yes, I know. But they look quite different, don’t they? I had actually been looking for a white & blue shirt a few months ago but didn’t find any, so I was happily surprised when I noticed this one, now that I wasn’t looking specifically for it. It was screaming for me to get it, so obviously I couldn’t resist. This is actually my favorite thing out of all the things I bought ! I just know I’m gonna wear this all the time from now on ! 😉

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I also wanted to let you guys know that I created a Facebook page for the blog – which you can find at the end of the sidebar, or directly on ! It would mean a lot if you could like it and share it with your friends. I’ll be posting a few extras on it but it’d also be a great way to know what’s going on with the blog without having to follow me on Twitter, given that the Facebook page will be entirely related to the blog, whereas I tend to ramble a lot about my life on my Twitter (which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow me there either ;))

What I got for Christmas !


Even though it was two days ago, I want to wish you all a merry Christmas and hope you’ve all had a wonderful time with your loved ones ! Christmas is my favorite day of the year so of course I was really happy even though I only got to celebrate it with my parents and siblings. I felt really blessed with everything I got so I thought I’d share it with you. One of the presents, the main one actually, isn’t in the pictures because my dad offered me and my brother a 3 days vacation in London in March, during which we’ll get to see the Harry Potter studios so we’re really excited about that ! Please let me know what you got for Christmas, I’d love to know !


First of all, I got some items from the Yves Rocher Christmas collection, which are spicy vanilla scented and trust me, the smell is absolutely amazing. I have only used the lip balm so far but I thought that the shower and bath gel would be perfect to bring with me to London and I’m always a sucker for a good hand cream and liquid hand soap so all these items will be well used, trust me ! 😉

They are limited editions so I thought that I’d give you the links to buy them now if you want to ! (Also they are apparently quite cheap so I think it’d be worth it !)

Liquid Hand SoapShower and Bath GelHand CreamLip Balm


Also from Yves Rocher, my mum bought me a few make up products. I absolutely love a good red-lips look so my mum decided to buy me a red lipstick and she made a perfect choice in the color. This lipstick is pigmented and matched my Christmas hat so I was really happy about it when I tried it on. Mine is a Grand Rouge in the shade 3.3 Rouge Gourmand or Sweer Red in English according to the website. In the same gold packaging which I am obsessed with, my mum also bought me an eye shadow palette. The colors from the palette are quite discreet (except for the black one obviously) which is a good point to me because this is actually my first palette since I don’t usually wear eye shadow. I also got a lip brush which can always be useful to define your lips and something I really like about it is that it’s retractable so basically the brush won’t get damaged when I put it in my bag ! And finally, I got a foundation which I forgot to put in the pic. I never wear foundation and only intend to use it from time to time but I think having foundation can always be useful in your make-up bag. And because I have pale skin, my mum bought me a quite light shade which is the Rosé 200.

LipstickEye Shadow paletteLip brushFoundation


The final thing my mum bought me is a new music player. Story short, I already have a music player but it’s basically full so my mum had to give me hers so I could add the music I couldn’t fit in my first music player. Apparently, buying me a new music player is a subtle way for her to tell me she wants hers back.. 😉

And finally I bought myself a few things as well, because Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself so I bought myself an oversized shirt from Primark which I’ll be using as a pajama top, as I always do and I thought the text on it would be perfect for a pajama. And it was only 5€ so I couldn’t say no to that. I also bought myself a coloring book because I have to do something with my hands while I watch tv so I thought it’d be perfect for it and also a great way for me to relax, which is always a plus. I actually bought the one you see in the picture for my sister but she liked the one I bought myself more so basically I decided to trade. What a good sister I am !

Of course on top of that I got a lot of chocolate, mainly from my brother who didn’t know what to offer me but I’m definitely not complaining about that !

Next time I’ll see you, New Year’s will have passed so I also wanted to wish you an early Happy New Year and don’t forget not to get too crazy and be responsable !

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Winter Essentials


December is here, and even though I’m not a fan of this cold season, I have to admit that the only reason why I don’t like it is that I have to go to school anyway, because let’s be honest, I do love it during the holidays. And most importantly, December is one of my favorite month because we finally get to celebrate Christmas. Yes, I am one of those crazy Christmas fanatic, and I am not ashamed of it. And because I love Christmas, I thought I would share some of my favorite things about Winter, for the days I just stay home under my blanket and just enjoy how comfy this time of year is.


Comfy clothes. Because how can you enjoy a comfy day home when you are not feeling comfy yourself? These items are definitely the items I wear the most throughout the season. They make me feel so warm and soft, I don’t think you could go wrong with them. I was so obsessed with the leggings that I bought them way oversized simply because it was the only size available and there was no way I’d go home without them. They definitely look a lot more Christmasy than the socks, I need to find some Christmas themed socks but the colors still fit the season so it doesn’t really matter. Everything came from Primark so it’s definitely affordable for anyone who wants the same type of clothing items !


What would Christmas be without its legendary music? They instantly make you feel so much more festive, whether you listen to some songs which will make you dance around the house or just calm you down. I have so many favorite songs, I don’t think I could decide which one I love the most among them. I recently bought these four CDs in a pack, containing a CD with classic songs such as Jingle Bells or Have Yourself A Merry Christmas, another one with choirs which I will mostly be using during Christmas diner or times like that, one with Gospel music and finally Sacred Chants. I found it absolutely perfect because it has so many different songs and each CDs has its own kind of ambiance. Plus, it was only 10€ for 80 songs so I definitely thought it was worth buying. Of course these aren’t the only Christmas CDs I own or just listen to but they were the ones I thought would cover the entire kind of Christmas songs.20151213_113825

Is there anything better than a good book next to the fire with a hot drink in your hands? Well, not in my opinion. Because I study literature, I have a lot of books to read for my classes and find myself struggling to read something I chose to read for my own enjoyment, even though I do enjoy most of the books I have been studying. But this time of the year is my favorite when it comes to just relax and reading is probably the thing I do that relaxes me the most, so I’ll never say no to a good book. I actually don’t own much winter books such as ‘The Snow Child’ in the pic above but I really intend to change it because I really enjoyed it when I read this book. So if you have any suggestions of books you would consider good for winter, please let me know !


Another thing I really enjoy doing at this time of the year during my free time is watching a good Christmas movie. There are so many of them, whether it’s romantic comedy, comedy, cartoon, you only have to pick. I just find Christmas movies to be so great because no matter what, they always have a happy ending and will just fill your heart with joy. And even though it might not snow wherever you live, you can be sure it will in these movies, so just close the curtains and pretend it’s the same outside ! I included three of my favorites Christmas movies of all time but of course these aren’t the only ones I enjoy, trust me ! So get your blanket, your hot drinks and some snacks and just enjoy a good movie !

Speaking of snacks, winter is probably the best time to eat lots of chocolate without feeling as guilty as you usually do -even though let’s be honest, I never really feel guilty when it comes to chocolate. If you feel a bit down, chocolate is known to be a good way to improve your mood but even if you don’t feel that way, there isn’t a good enough reason to stop you from eating some. My cousins living in Germany came to visit last week and because Saint Nicolas is celebrated where they live, they came bringing a bag full of chocolates for each of us and I just fell so happy about it, it already felt like Christmas to me ! And yes, I struggled to find chocolates to include in the pic because I ate most of the things they gave me. No shame though ! 😉

What are your favorite things about Christmas and Winter in general? 🙂

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Typical Autumn Outfits


Hello to you little peanuts !

Today’s post is quite a different one, but there are a few reasons for that, the most important one being that I messed up all the things I baked for Halloween, and I don’t think it would be fair to you to show you that. Anyway, I thought this would be a nice little post, because even though I’m not really a fashion person (I mean I like fashion but I just don’t know how to be fashion haha), I always loved to read about what people enjoy wearing, especially in this season which is, as you already know given that I say this in every post, my favorite.

Obviously this isn’t all I wear every day, thank God, but when I think Autumn, these are the first items that pop into my mind. And as you can see through the pictures, my clothes aren’t the most colored ones (which annoys my mum in a way you can’t imagine haha) but I think it fits this time of the year pretty well and I add a bit of color through the beauty bits, as you will see. Also I didn’t include my boots or coat/jacket simply because I need to buy new ones and didn’t think it would make sense to include items I wouldn’t actually use throughout the season but don’t worry, I’m still putting some on ! 😉

wpid-20151101_104138.jpgH&M jumper                                          

I bought this jumper in Germany about 2 years ago and I’ve basically worn it all the time ever since, whether it was cold summer days or rather hot winter days, but Autumn being the perfect middle between these two types of days, I found it absolutely perfect for this time of the year. It’s indeed quite a light jumper so I wouldn’t recommend to wear it on cold days ! It is also quite oversized (like most of the things I wear, let’s be honest) and one of the comfiest things I own. Hopefully it will continue to fit me for a long time because I can’t imagine not wear it !



Forever 21 jumper

This jumper is quite confusing to me, because it actually doesn’t feel like a jumper but it’s still one? I bought it about two years ago as well, I got a little crazy this year, especially in Forever 21 but I don’t regret it at all. Again, this is quite a light one so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it on cold days. But I just loved that it was rather a simple one except for the sleeves which added something special to it. It looks a bit weird on the picture for some reason but I swear it looks much better in real life ! 😉

wpid-20151101_104917.jpgH&M pants

Anyone who met me knows that I’m the kind of person who only wears jeans. I own no leggings or anything like that, which is annoying to everyone, me included, but I just don’t want to bother. This is the only thing in my closet that is not jean material, and I absolutely love it. It’s really soft and comfortable and really easy to put on/off. If like me you take hours getting dressed in the morning because you’re too lazy to squeeze into your jeans but are not feeling like wearing something other than pants, than this is PERFECT for you. I actually bought it at the same time than the first item, and they look really nice together so that’s even better !


As I said before, I like to use my beauty products – understand nail polish and lipstick – to add a bit of color to the outfit, but I’m not going to use any colors ! They have to match the season, which means they have to be quite dark. But it’s still color, right ? 🙂

Rimmel 60 seconds rapid ruby (320)

This nail polish is probably the one I use the most, simply because I love its color. It’s kind of a bloody red, so it’s rather dark but not too dark either. It feels quite nice on the nails as well, not too heavy and it dries quickly, just as it says it does (well I didn’t check if it was exactly 60 seconds but still)

Vera Valenti nail polish (35)

I’m actually not a big fan of these nail polishes, which I bought years ago on the market but this one is actually okay. It’s the only one I manage not to mess up and it stays quite a long time on the nails (I’ve worn it about 2 weeks). Of course this brown color totally fits Autumn so that’s always a plus !

Kiko intensly lavish lipstick (06)

This lipstick was actually given to me as a present for my birthday by a good friend of mine, because she knew that I wanted to try out the dark lips. I’ve never been a lipstick person but I’m getting used to it and find myself wearing it most days. It doesn’t stay too long on my lips but I’m the one to blame on this one because I tend to forget I have it on. It’s just not heavy on your lips ! And can we talk about how beautiful the packaging looks? Definitely my favorite one ! The only thing I don’t get is why does it look so bright on my lips when I take pictures even though it’s definitely dark haha

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed it ! Let me know what YOUR typical Autumn outfit is like !

I’ll see you next Sunday ! ♥

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