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Hello my little peanuts !

Back in 2008, I went to see my cousin in England for the first time. Let’s skip the details and get to the point, shall we? Being as social as I’ve always been, I’ve been spending most of my time inside, watching TV. My English wasn’t as good as it is now, I actually didn’t speak at all so I didn’t quit understand what I was watching but one of the tv shows I discovered at this time made a huge impression on me. I don’t have a good memory so the fact that I remembered it is impressive. After a while searching for working links, I couldn’t wait any longer. I left out all the others show I was currently watching and decided that I won’t stop until I watched every single episode of the 7 seasons. Seven seasons can seem long, I know I personally tend to get bored when they’re this long but I can assure you it wasn’t the case for Gilmore Girls.

Plot : The show follows single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, also named Lorelai but who prefers to be called Rory, living in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. This is a town filled with colorful characters, which is located approximately 30 minutes from Hartford, Connecticut. Ambition, education, and work constitute part of the series’ central concerns, telling Lorelai’s story from pregnant teen runaway and high school dropout to co-owner and manager of the Dragonfly Inn. Rory’s transition from public school to the prestigious Chilton is similarly followed, exploring her ambition to study at an Ivy League college and to become a foreign correspondent. The show’s social commentary manifests most clearly in Lorelai’s difficult relationship with her wealthy, appearance-obsessed parents, Emily and Richard Gilmore, and in the interactions between the students at Chilton, and later, Yale University.

My thoughts : In case you didn’t understand in what I said previously, I LOVE this show. I started to watch it when a lot of exams were coming so no need to tell you how I constantly stressed out and looking for something to relax, which I found through this show. I also watched it when I was depressed or sick, to cheer me up. Stars Hollow was my refuge after a long day. I can’t tell you what I’d do to live in a city like this one, where everyone sticks together, is here for each other and where you’re sure you’re NEVER going to be bored. The characters all have their particularities, their charm and I really felt like if they were a part of my life. I suppose I can say I got attached to them, which got me many heartbreaks, especially for Jess and Logan (my best friend can prove it, I sent her a lot of messages after that) who happen to be my crushes of the show. I spent the last seasons wondering which one I liked the most with Rory and I still haven’t figured it out. If you want to know, I try not to think about it, I’m still not over the end of the show but I won’t spoil you, don’t worry !

I need to say that the show helped me in a way. I already told you I was going through a hard time and it helped me to get through it but also, the mother-daughter relationship of Rory and Lorelai made me realize I wasn’t as close to my mom as I wished I was. I decided to change that and I can’t tell you how long it’s been since we’ve been this close. I know you’re not interested by my mother-daughter relationship but I want to remind you that we won’t live forever and that someday (it may already have happened to you, I don’t know how old you are) we’re going to move out to build our own life and we won’t get the chance to share moments like we can now.  And of course, let’s not forget that Rory managed to -I don’t know how – motivate me to work harder at school and God know I needed that motivation.


And on that gif (where you might recognize some actor from Supernatural.. ;)) from the show, summing up my feelings toward the show, I’ll let you do whatever you want to do. And if you didn’t have anything to do/feel depressed/want to relax/I don’t know what, please give this show a try and come back to tell me what you thought about it !

Don’t forget that your comments and suggestions are welcome here so don’t be shy ! On that note, I’m going to go. Writing this post brings back memories and as I told you, I’m still not over the end (Logaaaan 😦 ) so I’m just going to cry quietly in a corner of my room.

See you later, losers ! ♥

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