If you’re following me on social media, this won’t come as a surprise to you – I actually think I talked about it in an older post – anyway, I MOVED ! I didn’t get a place on my own unfortunately (still have a few years to go haha) but I’m still so excited for this new chapter in my life ! We’re still getting used to the changes, not every box has been emptied – we moved last week-end – but so far so good.

The only thing that’s been hard from moving to an apartment after leaving in a house for twenty years is finding space for everything. WHO KNEW I OWNED SO MANY BOOKS? I pretty much have most of them hidden under my bed so it’s easier for me to get to them, while the others are hidden in every piece of furniture I have. Now I have to figure out where I’ll put the new ones I buy over time haha.

ANYWAY, I thought I’d show you my room before I unboxed everything and also a few glimpses of my favourite corners of the room.

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A few days of snow

I wish I had an excuse for the lack of posts on the blog since the new year but that’s all it would be, an excuse. Let’s just blame it all on the blank filling my mind at the moment.

We’ve had quite a bit of snow here last week, which hadn’t happened in years so of course, that was an event for us. I absolutely love the snow, it’s so pretty and relaxing, and even allowed me to skip a few classes because of the train problems haha. Who wants to go to uni when you could stay home and build a snowman? 😉

I took a lot of pictures throughout the weeks, to capture this snow miracle and thought I’d share a few of them with you !

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Looking Back on 2017

I had a box that I filled with pieces of paper on which I wrote things that made me happy this year, and I have to say it really helped putting things into perspective. It reminded me of the happy times I spent with loved ones like the time we went to England to see my littles. The things I did to fight my anxiety like going all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower or going to the Space Walkers 2 convention. The things that inspired me to be better or that I was just obsessed with like The Handmaid’s Tale. The big steps in my life like my first pay day or getting my driver’s licence. Opening all these pieces of paper was such a fun was to be reminded of some things I couldn’t capture in photos or videos !

Another thing I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this year is the 1 Second Everyday app which I started using in March. You basically upload a 1 second video or a photo everyday (or at least try to, God knows I haven’t succeeded haha) and can compile them all at the end of the month / year. I’ve done mine a few days a few days ago and I have to say I’m obsessed with the result ! It brings back so many good memories ! I definitely want to try to make more of an effort this year so I can have as many days as possible !

I also kept a diary, even though I don’t have many things written on it, just  because I like to look back on everything I felt at a certain time and realise how stupid it was to complain about certain things, or just to laugh at certain random memories I wrote down. I think it’s a great way to realise that everything is temporary. Even things that felt like the end of the world at some point might not even matter after a while. Keeping that state of mind is what kept me going this year, because everything bad that’s happened this year is going to open new doors for me, new adventures that I can’t wait to go on !

2018 is going to be a good one, trust me 😉

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What I Got For Christmas 2017

Happy New Year everyone ! Hope you had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate it & a lot of fun for the new year !

I know I said I’d post this blogpost on Sunday but I didn’t expect my week-end to be this busy and so I didn’t really find the time to do it before today. Anyway, as you know from the title, I’m going to show you some of the things I got for Christmas (I say some because I forgot to include the coat I got – but you’ll most likely see me wearing it on Instagram at some point – and a Touch Led desk lamp). I always love to know what people got for Christmas, just because I’m curious and it can also give me ideas for the future haha, so feel free to comment what presents you received !

The new Hufflepuff edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone & a Hufflepuff notebook

A pastel pink handbag to go with my new grey coat

A Mermaid tail blanket to keep my legs warm & finally become the mermaid I always knew I was 😉

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The Most Relaxing Bath !

Christmas time is probably the only time I get to relax in the school year – my first semester has ended, I have no more papers to write & no need to prepare my classes for next semester since I don’t even know what they’ll be.  I don’t think I’ve ever been as stressed as I was this semester and I even stopped taking care of myself because all I could think about was uni. During my last week of exams, the only thing I could think about was how I’m going to take an evening just to relax & take care of myself. I only take about one bath a year because it means using a lot of water & I’m not the one paying the water bill ! But I knew that this time, a bath was well-deserved – and most importantly well-needed. I went to Lush for the first time to make sure I had the most amzing bath experience, especially since me taking a bath is such a rare thing.

For the bath, I used my Magic Wand and my Christmas Sweater bath bomb. It was my first time using Lush products after hearing so much about it throughout the years and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. My bath smelled absolutely amazing and my skin was softer than it had ever been before.

I put two candles behind me, one on each side of the bath tub so it would feel relaxing – I find that the light in my bathroom is way too bright to relax. Since I decided to read most of the time spent in the bath, I also had a desk lamp next to the bathtub so I could still have enough light to read.

I then put my book down, turned off the desk lamp and put on some calm music (mostly Only You by Selena Gomez & Harry Styles’ album). I put on a peel off face mask at the same time and just relaxed until it was to take it off. I then proceeded to wash my hair before putting on a Avocat Miracle hair mask by My Little Beauty and scrubbed my entire body with the Pinita Colada Body Scrub by The Body Shop.

I’d love to know if you’re a bath kind of person and what you use / do to make it the best relaxing experience !

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What I Look Forward To This Winter ❄

This is it, folks ! December is here and we already had our first snowflakes falling down the sky, which in my book means that winter has officially started. I know that a lot of people are complaining about how cold it is right now, but to be honest, I am absolutely loving it ! There really is nothing as magical as this time of year. I decided to share with you some of the things I plan to do during the season (mostly during December let’s be honest) and would love for you to tell me what you look forward to the most  – And yes, that is a picture of me as a child being really excited about this time of year, nothing has changed ❄

• Blasting Christmas music all day long without anyone judging me

• Drinking all the hot chocolates & adding whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles to make it even more extra

• Finish my 1 Second Everyday for the year ! – and start again on January 1st, DUH

• Doing Secret Santa with my Uni friends fo the first time !

• Taking my sister to Paris to see the Christmas decorations

• Go ice skating

• Decorate my house

• Reflect on the year I’ve had

• Watch every Gilmore Girls winter episode

• Get baking !

• Go Christmas shopping

• Spend some quality family time

• Cosy nights watching Christmas movies / reading a Christmas book by the fire

• Eat all the good food – winter food is THE BEST

• Spend New Year’s Eve at my best friend’s house !!!

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6 Childhood Shows to Binge-Watch !

My obsession for tv shows isn’t new whatsoever, they were already my favourite thing when I was a child. I find that tv shows from the laste 90s – early 2000s are the ones I go back to the most, probably because they bring back so many good memories (and also because they were great let’s be honest haha). I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites (I didn’t include any Disney Channel one but just know that I was obsessed with them, I just couldn’t choose haha) ! Let me know which shows you grew up watching & still enjoy to this day !

  1. Gilmore Girls

I mean, it’s my favourite show so of course I think it’s binge-worthy haha. I’ve talked about this show so much on this blog, I don’t even know what to say anymore. Such a good comfy show, to put on when you just want to relax for the day, under your blanket, with a hot chocolate. Absolutely love it ! (Plus the entire show is on Netflix so you have no excuse 😉 )

2. Charmed

Charmed is still one of my favourite shows to this day. I’ve had a marathon every year since I was a child. I was absolutely obsessed with it. It was all I watched, played, drew… I even convinced myself I was a witch, just like the Halliwell girls haha. Nothing like watching badass women fighting demons to inspire you to be a badass yourself. I grew up with them, and honestly feel like they were the biggest influences on my child-self. It’s one of those shows that have so many seasons but you still don’t get tired of them because it’s THAT good ! I’m still bitter about the ridiculous way they killed off Prue though.

3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Another badass girl I wanted to become when I was a kid. To be honest, I didn’t actually follow the show, I only watched a few episodes because it aired too late for me, and so there were many things I didn’t quite understand but I still enjoyed watching it. Now that I’ve finally watched it in a proper marathon, I can say that I’ve enjoyed it even more ! The only problem is that it makes me want to fight everyone the way Buffy does but the only problem is that I don’t have her skills haha.

4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

A classic. This show is always on TV and to be honest, I don’t get tired of it. My sister & I love to have lunch whilst watching it on TV. Never fails to make me laugh – even though I have to admit I like the earlier seasons more than the latest ones.

5. Smallville

Probably the show that made me become obsessed with superheroes. It was just so fun to see Clark become Superman throughout the years rather than just him already be used to his powers. I loved it when he gained a new power & had to find out how to make it work – and just seeing the difficulties of becoming a superhero in general. Also the music of the opening is great 😉

6. One Tree Hill

Another comfy show, but way more serious than Gilmore Girls, let’s be honest haha. My brother and I used to watch this all the time, and I still do when I want something to make me feel good. I think it’s also one of these shows that lasts a long time but you still love because it doesn’t feel forced, if you know what I mean? Also a show with an amazing opening song, you can’t help but sing it loud when you hear it.

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Beauty Haul October 2017

One of my really good friends & I basically share a birthday (we were born one day apart and basically celebrated a lot of birthdays together throughout the years) & when we realized that we hadn’t seen each other since January – life kept getting the way – and the birthday presents we bought each other were still waiting on our desks about 2 months after our birthdays, we decided it was time. We had the nicest time together and exchanged gifts during lunch. Needless to say, I didn’t expect her to spoil me the way she did, but that just shows you how giving she’s always been. I had so many goodies in the bag, I decided to share them with you because I am just really excited about all those things ! I believe most things were in beauty boxes she received so I’ll try to link everything for you 🙂

NYX Professional Make-Up – Lush Lashes Mascara – Stacked

NYX Professional Makeup Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette

My Little Beauty – Rouge Rouje Lipstick

NYX Professional Make-Up – Butter Gloss (Shade Raspberry Pavlova)

3ina – The Lipstick (Shade 102)

Spectrum Domed Powder Brush

Merci Handy New Wave – Hand Cleansing Gel

My Little Beauty – Happy Hand

My Little Beauty – Avocat Miracle (Hair Mask)

My Little Beauty – Coco Sunrise (Body & Hair Oil)

Garancia – Eau Micellaire Enchantée – Rose d’Antan

Gellé Frères – Magnolia Bohème Soap

DR. JART+ – Ceramidin™ Cream

Dermalogica –  PreCleanse Balm with Cleansing Mitt 90ml


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I’ll Give You The Sun

I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

When asked about what I want for my birthday, my answer usually changes depending on what I’m into – I believe that’s called growing up – but one thing that always comes back in my answer is books. I have been obsessed with them ever since I learnt how to read and I don’t think that’s going to change. So when my best friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I sent her a link to my to-read list on GoodReads just because the list keeps getting longer and longer and that way, I knew she’d have enough to choose from.

She told me she actually researched every single books to see which ones she thought I’d enjoy the most. According to her, this was the book she was most excited for me to read and luckily, it was the first one to arrive at her house. She was so excited to give it to me that it ended up in my hands a month early.

I wasn’t sure what the book was really about, but I was excited to read a romance between members of the LGBT community, which is something lacking in the book industry. That was probably the main reason why I added this book to my to-read list in the first place – even though I have to admit I have a twin-obsession (that sounds weird, I just mean that I’m really intrigued by them haha) so obviously this book had all its chances with me.

I’m the kind of person who likes to think that we don’t have all the puzzle pieces and nothing is as black and white as it seems to be, which is why the way the story was told was perfect to me (the story alternates between the part told by Noah aged 13 and Jude age 16). It would have been easy to hate Jude when she was 13 or dislike what Noah has become when he’s 16, but the structure of the book makes it way more complicated – same goes for other characters but I won’t spoil anything.

I loved the way Jandy Nelson could make me feel all kind of ways (yes, I did cry at the library but no one saw me so that’s fine haha). It was like her style of writing was changing from very poetic to funny, relatable quotes in a second and it was just amazing to experience.

I don’t think there’s a story I liked more than the other – they were both so compelling ! But one thing I really enjoyed was seeing how connected the two stories were and it was kind of painful in a way, to know more than the characters but still be aware that you couldn’t do anything to help them deal with their issues. It’s like if everyone communicated, everything would have been way easier, but then again, some people fail to communicate and that’s just how life works. And I feel like this book did a good job of showing how messy life can be.

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The Pressure to be Perfect & Fear of Failure

I feel like my entire life, people have had this idea of me being this perfect person simply because I’m a good student. I’ve never quite understood how getting good grades meant that I had to be good at everything. Am I not allowed to have my own struggles in life?

I could always feel this pressure put on me, turning into a little voice in the back of my head – not such a good thing for someone who already has high anxiety. It was like by failing, I wouldn’t only disappoint myself but also the huge amount of people who had faith in me. To them, I wasn’t allowed to doubt myself, because I had always been « so good at everything ».

The perfect example for this, is my journey towards getting my driver’s licence. That was a really big deal for me, and I was really anxious about driving – especially because I’ve always thought I’d die in a car accident for some reason – but everyone told me I was being stupid and obviously I was going to nail my driving test because I was so good at everything. Knowing that by good at everything, they really mean good at school – because what else am I good at, to be honest? – I realised how stupid it all was. How does being a good student mean I’m going to be a good driver?

And guess what? I failed my driving test. And it felt like the end of the world to me, not only because I had failed but mostly because I felt like I was letting everyone down -they were all so sure I was going to do so well ! They even seemed more affected by this than I was. The people I was the most anxious to see after my failure were my driving instructor, who I avoided until I had to come to book new driving lessons shortly before my second driving test – that it to say 5 months after my first one.

I tried to joke about it all and for some reason, they thought it meant that I was devastated. They tried to blame it on the examiner – they can be so unfair, you know? – even after I’ve told them I was the only one to blame for my failure.

I think it’s funny how everyone around me thinks it was good for me to fail because I’m not used to it and it made me realise it’s not the end of the world. Truth is, without all this pressure put on me since I was a little girl, I wouldn’t have gotten so worked up about all this. I knew that there were way more important things in the world and I was blessed to be able to have access to this luxury that is driving (let alone being able to try multiple times even in case of failure !).

Since I am working on my anxiety, I have decided to work on my fear of failure & disappointement. I know I work my butt-off to make sure I get what I want (which is the main reason why I’m not used to fail) but I’m also aware of what I’m capable of, which includes my limits and it’s not fair to me to add some pressure because of what other people expect from me. I try to put things in perspective and remind myself that everything will work out for me in the end. I’ll be okay.

Turns out, ignoring the pressure people put on me & focusing on myself and what I want seem to be working because I had my second driving test this week & passed ! Just another reminder that some things may take time but they will happen eventually if you put your mind to it !

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