We Were Liars

I went to WHSmith a few weeks ago to buy some books, especially since I knew I would be going to England soon and honestly, I can’t go on a holiday without at least three books. We Were Liars was on my list of books to read for quite a while now so when I saw it at the store, I instantly grabbed it. Out of all the books I bought that day, I decided to start with this one, just because of how intrigued I was by it. Keep in mind that I didn’t know anything about the story and the back of the book kept a certain mystery that intrigued me even more.

We Were Liars is about a family who spends their summer on their private island. The ‘Liars’ mentionned on the title are the three older cousins in the family (Johnny, Mirren, Cadence) and their friend Gat. One summer, an accident happens that leaves Cadence in the hospital. Cadence, who is the narrator of the story, has no memory of the summer of the accident and when  she finally goes back to the private island, she decides to find out what happened to her.

I really liked the plot of the book, first of all because I love family stories. Having a family house on an island where we usually see each other every summer (I mean we don’t own the island the way they do in the book but still haha), I could relate to Cadence being excited to go there, be cut out of the world and enjoy the time spent with her cousins. I truly felt like the Liars were my family. I also find it funny how they call their little cousins  « the Littles » because that’s what I call my cousins’ children. I really appreciated that the book included a family tree and a map of the island, so we can more easily understand and picture the story – I tend to get easily lost if the story has too many characters haha.

Just like Cadence, we really want to know what happened that Summer. There are so many moments in the book when just like the main character, you sense that something isn’t right, in the way her family is behaving around her, especially because everything seems to have changed since Cadence last came to the island. You can honestly feel like they’re all hiding something and you just want to know what it is. I had so many theories going on in my head everytime Cadence had a new memory or her family said something odd, but let me tell you that I didn’t expect it to end this way.

The ending was so surreal to me that I had to read it twice just to make sure I didn’t misread it. WHAT A PLOT TWIST ! (don’t worry I won’t spoil) It’s one of those books which have you confused the entire time but when you finally have the answers, everything just makes so much sense !

I absolutely loved this book and want to read more of E. Lockhart’s work because if it’s anything like this one, I know I’m going to love it. I actually read the book in one day, just because of how addictive it was. Definitely recommend it, even though I wasn’t a complete fan of the writing style of the author – the story is completely worth it.

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