The Christmas Blogger Tag !

The Christmas blogger Tag

Merry Christmas everyone !

Since I can’t post my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ blogpost yet (I still have some presents coming on New Year’s Eve) I thought it’d be a good idea to still have a Christmas-themed post and I haven’t done a tag in so long ! My lovely friend Manon tagged me on this one and it’s the perfect excuse to talk about my love for Christmas 😉

Rules :

  1. Thank the person who tagged you with a link to their blog
  2. Answer the 6 questions below
  3. Add the logo and the rules to follow
  4. Tag 5 bloggers of your choice
  5. Tell them you tagged them with a comment on their blog

What is Christmas to you?

Definitely a magical time – we have all these lights and beautiful songs which instantly make me happy. Obviously, it’s also my favourite time because to me, it’s the perfect family holiday. I don’t get to see my family a lot but we usually have someone coming over or we go to their house for the holiday and spend it together, which makes it even better. Also, let’s not forget the good food in front of a good movie (Christmas themed or a Disney one to set the mood)

The colours of your tree this year?

We actually don’t have a theme for our tree so it basically has every colour you could imagine on it haha. We’ve had the same decorations for years now but it makes it all cosy so it’s fine with me 😉

The worst present you could imagine getting or that you got?

My dad got me a book once, which I was really excited about because I love books but then I opened it and realised it was a science one. I still don’t get how he thought science would make me happy when it’s just not my thing haha

Your Christmas list to Santa?

I asked for a purse because I’ve only had one in my life – which isn’t actually one and was falling apart anyway haha. I suck at asking for things, I just never remember what I want when I need to !

How did you find out that Santa doesn’t exist?

I actually don’t remember but my mum always told me that a friend of mine was the one who told me. My brother tried to tell me for years though !

How did you find this Christmas tag?

Pretty short and easy to answer to 🙂


I hope you liked this tag, I have no idea who to tag so if you feel like doing it yourself, consider yourself tagged by me 😉

Enjoy your holidays and I’ll see you next week ! ♥

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