Storytime – My first job interview !

As some of you might know if you follow me on Twitter, this week was quite important to me… I got called for the first time about a job opportunity ! I was so nervous when they told me I had been chosen for a job interview which took place this Wednesday, I just wanted to be as prepared as I could. I had everything planned – my outfit, my questions for the interviewer, I looked exactly where it would take place… Little did I know that nothing would happen like I thought it would.

My first problem was the outfit I had to wear. The email I was sent told me to have a « professional look », which was really confusing to me – what the hell did they consider a professional outfit? I opted for a simple look – black jumper with a white collar, black pants, leathered ankle boots but added a vest which was way too big for me but added that classy little note. I put my hair in the tightest bun I could because they tend to get kind of wild, wore a natural makeup look and cute earrings which I got for my birthday. I hated it. See, I’m more of a casual-look lover and didn’t feel like myself at all. Plus, it was freezing outside but I couldn’t take my big coat which definitely didn’t look professionnal – that’s when I realized how much I loved my new big scarf.

I then headed to the train station quite early because there were a lot of train problems that day – of course there were. All the trains before mine were noted as removed, but mine was the only one which was supposed to actually be here. How naive was I? 5 minutes before it was supposed to pull at the station, they announced it late – if they ever tell you your train is gonna be late, truth is it’s not coming at all. That’s when I started to panic. Thank God my dad was home and he agreed to taking me straight there cause I never would’ve made it otherwise. We had a few issues with our GPS but I made it in time.

My dad leaving me next to the building, the only thing left for me to do was find the entrance of the Hall C and head to the 2nd floor. But where the hell was this hall supposed to be? I headed to a place where a sign said ‘entrance’ but it did not look like the right entrance at all. I’m still not sure what this place was to be honest. I ran into a woman who asked me what I was looking for and was kind enough to explain to me where I was supposed to go. I finally found the right hall and climbed into the lift. The same woman came out of nowhere and joined me in the elevator to tell me that you actually had to press the button of your floor before you came into into it, but she did it for me anyway. What kind of lift is that?

Finally, I arrived to the second floor. I was so relieved, I was actually starting to wonder whether or not I would make it to the interview. I told the reception lady what I was here for and she told me to wait with the others. What others? My first thought was that the interviewer might be running a bit late and I had to wait for my turn but turns out we all had our interview at the same time. All my preparation – the questions I had planned, the answered I was going to give – was useless. Two people from the company made us go into a room in which we sat around a circular table and they told us we had 3 minutes each to make them want to hire us. I actually wanted to die. Thank God I was one of the last ones, which gave me time to think about what I was going to say.

I was so intimidated – everyone was my age and yet had more experience in the selling departement – which wasn’t hard given that I had no experience whatsoever. It was like everyone was majoring in commerce and here I was, a little Literature student with no experience. I decided that even if there was no chance they would pick me over the others, I had to give something they didn’t have – humor. When it was my turn to speak, I told them ‘I am a Literature student, it has nothing to do with selling but I mean.. I want to be a teacher so I’m gonna have to sell my lessons to my students anyway » (does it make sense in English? Basically I’m gonna have to make my students want to learn what I have to teach them). And it actually worked – everyone in the room started laughing. Maybe I didn’t do so bad after all, everyone else seemed like they were just reciting something someone told them to say and it didn’t feel natural at all.

And so after all these adventures – and falling in the street whilst I was on the phone, struggling to find the train station – I finally made it home. I was just so thankful that after everything that seemed to have gone wrong, I managed to laugh about it all, and that everyone at the company was so nice – I mean obviously I wouldn’t have made the joke if they were so serious. My parents didn’t seemed to appreciate my joke when I told them about the joke but guess what.. It must have worked because… I GOT THE JOB !

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