Favourite Lydia Martin outfits

I have been obsessed with Teen Wolf ever since it came out, and knowing that this season is gonna be the last one feels so weird ! I feel like my teenage years are ending, after all PLL and the Vampire Diaries are also ending and those three shows were the most significant ones for my teenage years.

One of the main things I have been loving these past few years is looking at the characters outfits – I may not dress as well as I hope I would, but I know how to appreciate a good outfit. One of the characters’ wardrobe I’m most envious of is Lydia Martin’s. Out of all the shows I usually watch, she probably is my favourite to be honest. I feel like every time a new episode comes out, I’m looking forward to seeing a new outfit, which can seem ridiculous but it’s just how it is.

To celebrate the show coming back, I decided to gather some of my favourite looks of hers and share them with you. Because who doesn’t like to see people dressed well, especially when they’re as beautiful as Holland Roden? 😉

Lydia Martin outfits


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