Home (kinda) alone for the week !

My parents being gone for the week along with my little sister, my brother and I found ourselves alone in the house for the week. Although my brother had been on his own before – he hasn’t been going on holiday with us for a few years now – this was a first to me given that my parents usually bring me with them everywhere.

Technically, I wasn’t at home all week – I had class from Monday to Wednesday – and those were the most annoying days. I always wondered why people always complained about cooking dinner but now I get it. The only thing I wanted to do when I got home from uni was lay on the couch and sleep – cooking was definitely not on my list. I felt like such a grown up, planning my meals for the week, doing all the chores and everything. I mean it was fun for the week but I definitely won’t have an entire house to myself for a long time – I’m just a tiny person, this house is too big for me haha.

One thing I loved about being home alone for the week – my brother worked all week so I only got to see him in the evenings – was the freedom. I had no one to tell me off when I put my music as loud as I could and sang along in the kitchen, the TV was mine all day to watch my shows on a big screen, and I could eat all the junk food I wanted. I had an evening with my friends over as you saw in last week’s post and my best friend also came for an afternoon which was really nice. I usually hate having people over because I feel like we have to stay in my room so no one can bother us.

I have to admit that I did feel quite alone sometimes – the size of the house didn’t make it easier. I’m so used to spend the evening annoying everyone in the living room, watching TV or reading a book, and just being on my own – well, I had my cat but still – felt useless. How many times have I just gone to bed after dinner because I was bored? Plus, the night arriving earlier than before didn’t help – what do you mean it’s only 8? It feels like it’s 10 ! Even my cat felt lonely – or did she feel like I was ? – and was as needy as ever. I just can’t wait to have my family back – even though I have to admit I loved having some time to myself.

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