An Evening with Friends

Recipes for an evening with friends

My parents and sister leaving my brother and I home alone, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to invite my group of friends over so we could catch up – especially since most of them had never seen my place before. I was so excited to have people over – I rarely do it since it makes me really anxious – that I spent my the entire day in the kitchen to make sure I’d have something for everybody. I thought I’d share the recipes I used (minus a ham & cheese cake who was a huge success but I forgot to include… Maybe another time ;)), even though my banana bread was quite weird. I’m sure it was my fault and you’ll be better at this than I am 😉

Recipes for an evening with friends

Guacamole (served with Doritos) – recipe from Les Meilleures recettes de Marmiton, Fait Maison

You will need :

3 advanced avocados

3 green peppers

1 lemon

Recipe :

Peel the avocados and mash them.

Take the seeds off the peppers and chop them as much as you can.

In a mixing bowl, mix the mashed avocados with the peppers. Add a bit of salt and juice from hald a lemon.

Note : Depending on how spicy you want your guacamole to be, taste it before adding all the peppers – mine was really spicy haha

Recipes for an evening with Friends

Vegan banana bread (recipe from

You will need :

4 bananas

150g of flour

100g of blond sugar

40g of vegetable oil

2 big spoons of almond milk

1 spoon of food baking

1 spoon of rising flour

Recipe :

Heat your oven at 180°

Put the sugar and oil in a mixing bowl and mix it together.

Add the crushed bananas and mix again.

Add the flour, rising flour, food baking, a pinch of salt and almond milk. Mix until you get a good texture.

Put it in the oven for 45 minutes.

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