Places I want to go to before I die

In 2016, it seems quite obvious that most of us are looking forward to all the new places we’ll get to go to. I’m no exception to the rule. If it were up to me, I’d go all around the world. Of course, some places are more appealing to me than others and I’m fully aware that I probably won’t get the opportunity to visit every country there is – unless I win the lottery, in this case, Hasta la vista everyone ! ;). This list of places can seem quite small but these are the ones I’m obsessed with, in no particular order -and yes, I chose 6 of them because it’s my favourite number. Feel free to tell me which places you’d like to visit – and if you’ve ever been to one of mine !


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Greece is definitely one of the countries I’m most excited to go to. Seeing it in movies, youtube or just pictures brought back by people I know has made me obsessed with the beauty of it. The funny thing is -and I promise I didn’t plan this- my room’s theme is white and blue, which reminds me so much of the houses over there. Going to Greece in the summer with my boyfriend (don’t have one of those yet so I’m gonna have to wait) is definitely a plan of mine !


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Not so much for the same holidays as Greece, I definitely want to visit Iceland during Winter time. I might be freezing once I get there but the view will definitely be worth it. I have family who has gone there to visit and they loved it ! (and let’s be honest I loved the pictures they showed me)


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I feel like New-York is the kind of city everyone has to go to at least once in his/her life. How many times have I dreamt that I found myself there and woke up disappointed to still be in my small town. The things I’d do to go to Broadway to watch a musical ! And to see the city lights in the night ! I actually wish I could spend New Year’s Eve over there, with snow falling on me as I walk down those big streets…



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Australia has always been interested in because of how far away it is from here and yet it seems so similar ! (except I don’t have the beach) We actually aren’t taught much about it in school, which always made me even more interested. The australian accent is one of my favourite and given that I know the language, it would make it easier for me to visit it. Plus, I wouldn’t mind someone teaching me how to surf to be honest.


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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had this passion for Alaska. It might be because of how much people fought for it and yet nobody really seems to care for this state. It became a real fascination to me. If I see a book or a movie taking place over there, you can be sure I’m gonna grab it. I’m just so curious about it, and I feel like the only thing that would satisfy this curiosity would be to actually go there.


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Scotland is the closest place from where I live and yet I haven’t had the opportunity to travel there yet. When I think of Scotland, I think of the culture, the green of the landscape, the ghost stories… and these are all things I particularly enjoy. It seems like the perfect place to go to, when you’re looking for somewhere to take a break from everything. A good breath of fresh air.

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