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With my classes starting tomorrow and studying being such a huge part of my life, I thought that I’d share with you one of the most organized parts of my room. It can sound quite cliché but having everything organized on my desk definitely helps me being more productive on my work.  Although I have to admit that I’ve been working a lot more on my bed since I got inot uni since I do everything with my laptop, I always head to my desk when I have serious work to do – especially during my finals ! Having everything at my reach – whether it’s all my school stuff, food or water – means that I have no excuse to stop every five seconds to go get something I « need ».

Although the left side of my desk is all about uni – the books on the top left are the onesI studied in class that I actually own which can seem only a few given that I’m a literature student but it’s due to the fact that I borrow most of them at the library so I don’t have to spend much money on them – the right side is also meant for some of my DIY projects. The washitape you can see in the pics is homemade and so is the pencilholder on its right – let me know if you’d want me to show you how to recreate either one.  I mostly use this kind of stationery when I work on my bullet journal since I just started to use mine these last couple of weeks. I’ll definitely post something about bullet journals and how they help me on a daily basis if you want me to but until then, I have a tumbr in which I post my weekly spreads and reblog posts in relation to organisation, school and everything like that. If you’re interested in seeing it, click here .

I try to keep my desk as clean and organised as possible since I find it so much more appealing and will then make me want to work on it a lot more often. The colours I use in general are quite neutral and harmonious, except for my pinboard on which I use colours fitting the season. Yes, it is automnal right now even though it’s not officially here yet but I couldn’t wait any longer ! I actually have an art-work for each season and they’re really different from one another, some having the season obvious on them when others like this one remind me of the seasons through the colours used on them.

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