What I got for my 19th birthday !

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Do you ever feel like time passes even more quickly as the years come by? This is how I’ve been feeling lately, which can be a little scary when I realise I’m only nineteen… How is it gonna be once I’m in my sixties?

I celebrated my birthday last saturday but didn’t upload this blogpost until today because I really wanted to put all my presents but only got some of them a few days ago. I don’t think I have gotten presents for that many people in many years – except for my birthday parties of course. This year, my parents, brother, sister, two best friends, Godfather and cousin all managed to make me feel special and for that, I’ll always be thankful. Presents aren’t about what I physically get but more about the intention, the time and effort put into finding me something. I even bought myself a little treat at The Body Shop – which ended up costing me less than 1€ thanks to the sales and the price reductions I gained with my fidelity card.

I celebrated my birthday, not by throwing a big party like most people would do, but by staying home watching Gilmore Girls all day. Everyone knows I’m not much of a party girl and would rather spend my day doing something I actually enjoy – and what could be better than one of my favourite shows? Well, I guess you could say I did party at my birthday given that my best friend who was celebrating hers (she’s born on the 26th and I on the 27th) decided to share her spotlight with me at midnight. The most important thing is that I felt happy the entire day and blessed to be surrounde by the people I love.

I linked all the things I could find on the internet below so you can see the products better – especially for the clothes. If you have any problem with anything or just a question about the products, feel free to ask me !

The Body Shop – Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

Nocibé – Basic Palette Pastel

Nocibé – Basic Palette (natural look)

Pimkie – Pastel Biker Jacket 

Pimkie – Crossed Neck Jumper

Pimkie – Printed T-Shirt With Peter Pan Collar

Luna Allegra – Navy Boxy Shirt Dress

Hufflepuff Crest™ Embroidered Banner


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