Blogging for a year !

Time really does fly ! Although I haven’t actually started this blog a year ago, I consider that I truly began posting regularly on the 16th of August 2015 – can you believe I managed to (most of the time) stick to a post a week? Given how bad I am at commitment, that’s definitely something big for me. The creation of this blog was due to the fact that I wanted to share things I loved but I didn’t expect it to be such a big part of my life now ! I feel like a huge part of me is on this blog and I can already tell that in a few years, I’m gonna love to come back to my first posts – and mostly my life-ones, because they are the one who speak the most about me – and remember it all. I do love a good walk down memory lane !

So many things have changed for me this last year and I feel like you can really tell through the blog. I was such an insecure girl who just wanted to hide behind her computer because she felt like she couldn’t express herself in real life but now, even though I still have some of these insecurities, my confidence has improved a lot and this blog has a lot to do with it. It helped me becoming a much more positive person by only talking about things I liked in my posts and just expressing myself in general. If I could tell what’s on my mind online and not be rejected for it, why would it be different in real life? I’m not saying I’m an out-going person now but I feel like my online persona has really taken me over. I used to be and say whatever everyone wanted me to, but I definitely act more like myself now, if that makes sense.

The content of the blog in itself has changed so much in just a year. If you remember my « Welcome » post, I was saying how this blog was not going to be about beauty or even about me, but about the things I enjoyed in general. Now, look at me with my posts about fashion, beauty and even my life ! You can really tell how I’m changing every day by the way the blog evolves as well. Plus, I definitely put more effort in the posts than I used to. The quality of my pictures was so rubbish if you go back but someday I just thought to myself « What am I looking for in a blog? » and that’s how I ended up with shorter posts – how could anyone have the strenght to read my as-long-as-a-novel posts? – and edited pictures which definitely attract more easily than the pictures I used to upload before !

The thing I definitely wasn’t expecting when I started this blog was the positive feedback I had from it. The main goal of this blog wasn’t to have millions of people reading my blog – and I’m definitely far from it – but reading comments from strangers saying how much they enjoy reading my blog or even people I know in real life messaging me to tell me how proud they are of me – I even have people I know in real life but aren’t really friends with me who congratulated me !

And so for this birthday, I wanted to take the time to thank you. We might only be a few but the support I get from you is overwhelming and I couldn’t dream of being par of another community.


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