Holiday recap Week 3 – Family time !

20160726_130317 20160726_130447 20160726_131156 20160726_133657 20160726_153612 20160726_154424 20160726_154649The third week of these holidays was both very exciting and sad at the same time – afterall, it was our last week before we had to go home. I was so excited to see everyone and especially the children, given that I don’t get to see them often and I don’t want to miss them growing up. We played a lot of games, they discovered snapchat filters and a lot of laughter was involved the entire week.

Obviously, this week was more about all of us just being together but my cousin took us to some beautiful places – I literally felt like I was driving to heaven sometimes. We went to a lake, to the beach and even walked around a beautiful castle at the border between France and Spain – I wouldn’t mind living it at all ;). All these places are the ones you can see in the pictures above. I didn’t include any pictures of my family as always because of privacy issues.

Another thing about those holidays was how inspiring it was to watch my cousin doing most things homemade and being so commited to her « no waste » policy. It’s definitely something I want to work  on in the future ! And if she can do it, then why couldn’t I?

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