Holiday recap Week 2 – The Calm Before the Storm

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The place we went to on the second week of my holiday was one we had never been before. My mum has found an ancient farm called « La Ferme Couderc » turned into multiple holiday cottages lost in the middle of the countryside and yet close to many small towns worth seeing and many activities to do – there were so many castles and I intend to come back and visit each and every one of those we haven’t seen yet. Indeed, the heat was just too much to be able to do anything and we unfortunately spent most of our days at the swimming pool trying to feel a bit more fresh.

I was astonished by the beauty of the place. I might be more of a big city kind of girl, but I must admit that being surrounded by nature in a quiet place was refreshing. Knowing that I was going to my cousins’ who are between the ages of 4 to 9 the next week, and even though I was also looking forward to seeing them, I enjoyed every second of relaxation I could get.

Although I wasn’t really fond of the cottage in itself – but I mean everyone has its own taste 🙂 – I must admit that the rest of the place was absolutely perfect for me. The view was amazing, I loved what they served us on the two evening the restaurant was open – they managed to make me like duck and God knows how hard that is ! – and more importantly, everyone was so lovely ! I didn’t talk much to the staff but when I did, it didn’t feel like we were clients but more like friends of the family. As to the neighbours, I don’t believe we have ever been this close to them as we were that week. We talked at the swimming pool, had barbecues together… It was sad to think that we might never see each other again, and so I hope it won’t be the case. Being there truly felt as if we were one big family.

Hopefully I’ll go back there soon enough !

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