Holiday recap Week 1 – Safe Haven

20160711_21163720160714_17013620160711_21245720160714_214059 20160714_21431220160711_215809 20160716_105913As you might know if you’ve been following me on Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram, I have been on a holiday with my family for the last 3 weeks, changing location every week. Obviously, I thought it would be perfect for a blogpost series in 3 parts – each part with its own post, if you’ve been following 😉

The first place we went to was our family house at l’Ile d’Oléron (translate by The Oléron Island), which is in the West Coast of France. I have been going there my whole life and consider it like my safe haven because without any contact with the real world – understand TV, radio and Internet – I am only left with my books, the sun and the beach which is definitely one of the most relaxing thing ever. Of course, we were made aware of the terrible events of Nice by a friend of ours but other than that, the rest of our stay was just us enjoying life.

We were fortunate enough to have good weather the entire time except for the wind, which usually never happens. You could think that in these conditions, I would’ve taken way more pictures than this, but being used to the place, we basically chilled the entire week. I also hoverboard for the first time – but won’t be posting the video because obviously my mum doesn’t know how to properly film on her phone – which was really fun but probably more practical wearing shoes than barefoot. As if having big feet like mine weren’t already a burden ! 😉

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