Woman of the moment – Blake Lively

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always looked up to women. Whether it was my mum, my teachers or celebrities, I wanted to grow up as good of a woman as they were. As I am 100% into the women supporting each-other concept, I thought that sharing a few of my woman crushes – whether it’s for their style, work, personnality… – would be a good idea !


I have known Blake Lively for a long time now – ever since The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, even though I have to admit I got to know her better through Gossip Girl. As you may have noticed if you follow me on Twitter (links below), I have recently rediscovered my love for the Sisterhood – I need someone to watch the movies over and over with me and buy me the books haha- so of course, it brought me back to the beginning of my love for Blake Lively as well.

I will be honest by saying that I haven’t seen all of her movies, but I have loved every one I have seen. Between The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (okay I’ll stop now haha) and The Age of Adaline, you get quite a different amount of movies – even though we all know the main reason I love those two mostly because they’re romantic comedies and I have a legendary, pathetic love for those haha.

blake lively

from puretrend.com

Another thing Blake is known for, and one of the things I admire most about her, is her sense of style. Does she ever not look absolutely stunning? If I had to choose between different celebrities as my stylists – or just to give me their wardrobe to be honest – she would definitely be in my top 5. She just looks so classy all the time, she could be considered a real-life princess. I have seen a lot of pictures of her lately, and can positively say that I have never seen a pregnant woman as beautiful as she is.

Obviously, I don’t only admire her for her never-ending beauty. One thing I have always admired is celebrities – or really anyone who has a big career – who manage to mix professional life and personal life. I mean, Blake is married to Ryan Reynolds and obviously both of them have crazy schedules but they find time for their family, with a second  baby on the way ? I know being a parent already isn’t easy but it definitely must be harder on them ! I also love the fact that Blake doesn’t only stick to acting but pursues her passion for cooking and uses the fact that she travels a lot to discover new recipes from different cultures. Yay for multitasking women who follow their dreams but don’t ruin their lives over their work !

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