5 Favourite albums for the Summer

Summer has always been one of my favourite seasons, mostly because of how it improves my mood. It’s the perfect season to enjoy every moment – not only because school is over but also because the weather makes me want to do so much ! Although I love staying in my room and just chill for the day, I have to admit that going out when the sun is out makes me feel much better about myself.

Now, when you’re in the best mood because of the weather, I don’t think I’m the only one who likes to put my music even louder and dance around. Whether it’s in your car, in your room, with your friends or alone, admit that you’ll feel even better. I have some albums that I feel like fit perfectly for this season and I keep listening to them every year so I thought I’d share some of my favourite with you ! There is no particular order for them, I just like to go with the flow 😉


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5 Seconds of Summer – 5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS has been one of my favourite bands for a few years now. I absolutely love their music, mostly because of how fun it is ! This album is actually the one I’ve been listening to all the time lately. I feel like the songs are just about living in the moment and not give a f*ck about the rest. It’s all good fun 😉

Favourite songs : Good Girls, 18 & Everything I Didn’t Say

talking dreams

Echosmith – Talking Dreams

Echosmith was my favourite band from last summer as I’ve mentionned in my Summer Favourites. Because it is more chilled than the others, it makes it  perfect for when you just want to relax – at the beach or in the evening. It just makes me want to ride my bike along the beach with my sunglasses on, enjoy the view and live in the moment !

Favourite songs : Let’s Love, Bright & Tell Her You Love Her

Hot_Chelle_Rae_-_WhateverHot Chelle Rae – Whatever

Whatever is the only album by Hot Chelle Rae I truly know but one thing is sure : it’s my go-to party album. Everytime I feel in a hyper mood or just want to shake everything off, this is probably the first album I put on. Some songs are about having a lot of sh*t happen to you but not caring about it and it just helps me having a different perspective on things I guess !

Favourite songs : Honestly, Why Don’t You Love Me & The Only One

little-mix-get-weird-albumLittle Mix – Get Weird (Deluxe)

I wrote a whole blogpost about my love for Little Mix and this album in particular. Listening to it just makes me want to dance around and mostly makes me feel like a total queen. If you need to boost your confidence during the summer, it’s the perfect album for you ! You’ll feel like you don’t need anyone but yourself and just enjoy what you have – at least that’s how I feel 😉

Favourite songs : Hair, OMG & Secret Love Song (Part II)

selena-gomezSelena Gomez & The Scene – A Year Without Rain

This album is such a throwback but it’s definitely one of those I listen to the most ! Definitely underrated if you ask me ! It has such fun songs ! And I mean the fact that it’s perfect for summer is quite obvious – I mean it has a song called « Summer’s Not Hot » for God’s sake ! 😉

Favourite songs : A Year Without Rain, Rock God & Sick of You

Obviously, these aren’t the only things I like to listen to in the summer and for that reason, I created a playlist on Spotify called « Summer fun » which basically includes some of my favourite fun tunes to listen to on good, sunny days 😉 If you have any suggestions of songs to add, please let me know 🙂 I’ll try to remember to update it every time I find a song worth listening to !


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