The Body Shop Haul


Having heard so many great things about The Body Shop over the years, both online and by my friends, I decided it was finally time for me to give this shop a try and so as I was shopping in Paris with my friends, I decided that The Body Shop was the one shop I’d have to go to. I actually already went to the Body Shop in England in 2008 and was obsessed with the two body butters my cousin bought me, but this was my first real time in the shop, taking the time to look at everything.

Given that Summer is coming – we’ve had summer days already but let’s be honest, we’re still far from it – I thought it’d be appropriate to buy products with sents that would instantly remind me of summer.


Feel So Good Box – Mango Classic Picks – 25€

As I wanted to try a bit of every product, I thought to myself that buying a « Feel So Good » box containing a soap, a shower gel, a body butter and a body scrub would be quite a good idea. Nothing better than buying yourself a box of treats, if you ask me. The only thing remaining was deciding which sent I wanted for my products, and trust me, it was a hard one. I made up my mind on mango because, as I said, I wanted something summery. I actually wanted something peach sented because it’s one of my favorite fruits and sent, but because they didn’t have it, I decided that mango was close enough. It’s fruity and fresh and I can tell I’m gonna love each product ! Plus, I gain a cute little box which will be used to organise my beauty products – trust me, they need organisation 😉20160611_105410

Piñita Colada – Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub – 17€

The Body Shop also has a new range for the summer called « Piñita Colada » and it was one of the main reasons why I decided that now would be the perfect time to go to the shop. I actually heard about the range from Zoella‘s May Favourites youtube video. Being both a coconut and pineapple lover, I knew this would be perfect for me. I was quite curious about how the mix of the two would smell and now I’m obsessed. My main issue was deciding whether I should take the body scrub or the body butter, but decided to take the body scrub as I don’t own any. Hopefully, the quality is as good as the smell of it !


Wonderblur 30ml – 21€

This last product wasn’t actually summer centered, unlike the previous ones. One of my main goals for the summer is sorting my skin out, as I have been having a few problems with it- not as bad as it used to be, thank God ! This product seems to be exactly what I need, as it says it « Instantly smoothes skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores ». It can’t hurt to try, right? 😉

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I know it has been a while since I last posted here but as I was reflecting on what I wanted with this blog, I realised that forcing myself to write about something every week wasn’t it for me. I want every post to be about something I really want to talk about and not post just because I have to. Obviously, I’ll try to post as much as I can but in my opinion, quality is more important than quantity. Hope you understand 🙂


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