Who are you writing for?


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Writing has always been a huge part of my life, especially because growing up as a book-worm, I always dreamed of creating something through my words, just like in the books I was reading. About a week or two ago, I decided to start writing a book, the story having been stuck in my head for years now. As I was typing it in class, my friend looked over my shoulder and asked if I was writing my English essay. I answered her that it wasn’t that, so she starred at me and asked : « Then who are you writing for? »

I never really asked myself this question, I just went with what I had without thinking about it. I just think it’s funny how, when people know you’re writing a story, they instantly think that your main goal is to get it published. Of course, it would be amazing to get your work recognized and most of all to get to share your world with other people, but I don’t think that’s what I’m going for in the first place. I probably never will get published, and that’s okay. Mostly because I know that many people are way more talented than I am and definitely deserve it more than I do.

I never had a « goal » in mind when I was writing, I just wanted to get the ideas out of my head, get them on a paper and work with what I had. How many stories have I started writing and stopped soon after, mostly because another idea, a completely different one, got stuck in my head? I could never keep count. It’s a vicious circle, when you think about it. But it didn’t matter if I never finished one, because I just wanted to create myself my own world and be able to be in control. One thing I’ve always been bitter about in the real world, is that we sometimes don’t have a choice, we just have to just stand and witness. That’s not the case when you write your own story, you can do absolutely everything you want. Make people fall in love. Kill a character. Make it a bad or happy ending, it’s your decision.

I guess this blog is quite different, because putting it online means I let people get into my world, I want to share it with them. I write about things I like in order to make people discover new things or just to talk to them about things we both enjoy. That’s one thing I love about the blogosphere, you can discover so many new things, new people. I’ve always had friends quite different from me, so I knew that there wasn’t much I could introduce them to that they would like too. This blog is also my happy place and it feels nice to read back some of my posts and remember what I was writing about, and why. My stories might be more personal, and not yet to be shared, but this blog is different. It’s not just for me, it’s for anyone who would want to be a part of it, and would a blog be complete without its readers?

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2 réflexions sur “Who are you writing for?

  1. Giulia dit :

    Fantastic post!

    Je partage ton point de vue sur toute la ligne. Et l’idée de pouvoir absolu, de contrôle totale est fantastique. C’est vraiment libérateur, en fait, l’écriture ! Je pense que c’est ça qui en fait la beauté et l’universalité. 🙂

    Giulia x


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