Clothing Haul


I’ve never been much of a « shopping girl ». I do enjoy having chosing new clothes and buying them but I don’t actually like going into the shops, for some reason. There is a better chance for me to get carried away if I shop online than in the shops, which is why this post may look a little light for a haul but I thought I’d share with you the few bits I got when I went shopping with my mum Friday morning.

This little shopping session actually had a purpose, which was that I needed something to put over my dress for my sister’s baptism, which is the day this post will be put online, and to buy myself pants that are not jeans, considering that I own way too many jeans and only one pair of normal pants. As you will soon realise, I didn’t buy anything for the baptism, and only found one pair of pants that I liked, but I did find other items. I’d also like to add that, even though Mango and H&M are stores I’m used to going to, it was my first time going to New Look – I think it opened quite recently – and I was definitely not disappointed !



I have been trying lately to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to clothing and this dress was exactly what I needed. I don’t usually wear dresses but have slowly been building my little collection. This dress is the only printed one I own. God knows I never would’ve considered wearing a dress with safari animals on it, and yet here I am. The dress may look weird on the pic, but I promise that once you put the black belt on it and put your hair up, it makes you look absolutely perfect. The dress in itself is a real lightweight so it would be perfect for the end of Spring, when it starts to actually be warm but not too warm either.



I only own one shirt like this in my wardrobe, and it’s definitely been something that has been missing. I love shirts because they’re really comfy but you still look great in them, effortlessly great. This shirt is also quite warm so I know I’m gonna love wearing it either in Spring or Autumn.



As I’ve said before, I have lately been looking for pants that aren’t jeans, in order to have a more diversed wardrobe. Given that I also want to try getting out of my comfort zone – understand stop wearing monochromatic clothes -these pants were exactly what I needed, because they still aren’t crazy looking. Baby steps, baby steps. Anyway, I thought they looked really cute and can’t wait to wear them !


H&M SHIRT – 19.99€

Another shirt, yes, I know. But they look quite different, don’t they? I had actually been looking for a white & blue shirt a few months ago but didn’t find any, so I was happily surprised when I noticed this one, now that I wasn’t looking specifically for it. It was screaming for me to get it, so obviously I couldn’t resist. This is actually my favorite thing out of all the things I bought ! I just know I’m gonna wear this all the time from now on ! 😉

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I also wanted to let you guys know that I created a Facebook page for the blog – which you can find at the end of the sidebar, or directly on ! It would mean a lot if you could like it and share it with your friends. I’ll be posting a few extras on it but it’d also be a great way to know what’s going on with the blog without having to follow me on Twitter, given that the Facebook page will be entirely related to the blog, whereas I tend to ramble a lot about my life on my Twitter (which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow me there either ;))


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