London Part 3 | The Harry Potter Studios & The Natural History Museum

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Going to the London Natural History Museum has always been on my bucket list, simply because having seen pictures of the Museum in itself, I became obsessed with it. I might not know a lot about architecture but I know how to appreciate it, and I really appreciated the Museum’s architecture. I actually went to different Natural History museums throughout my entire life, because of how interesting I find them. Obviously, I have never seen most of the animals exposed there, except in books or online, so seeing them in front of you -although they obviously aren’t alive- makes it surreal because you see how big they actually are and everything. It just makes them more real.

My favorite part was definitely the one concerning the dinosaurs. Why have I always found dinosaurs so interesting and always love everything related to them? I have no idea. But put me in a room full of informations about them or skeletons and the 6-years-old girl inside me will make the biggest come back you will ever see. They are just so huge, it feels surreal that they were here instead of us at some point. The museum also exposed some reconstitutions of dinosaurs, making them move and adding noise to them, and they just looked so real. Amazing. I was definitely not disappointed in any way.

I decided not to put too much pictures here, simply because most of them had people on them and I don’t feel comfortable with putting pictures of people on my blog without their consent, but also because I think my pictures won’t do any justice to the museum. I’d rather leave a little surprise in case you have the chance to go over there one day. If you ever go to London, please, make sure to check it out, I promise you won’t regret it – plus, it’s free.

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The main thing about my trip in London was going to the Harry Potter Studios. I have been obsessed with the books/movies, that having to see the way it came to life was the most surreal thing ever., from the beginning to the end. As you can see from the pictures, we were taken to the studios in the most beautiful buses I have ever seen in my life. They even played us the first Harry Potter movie on the way, which was absolutely amazing, even though I had just watched it the day before haha.

As you can see in the few pictures I put here (I actually took over 200 pictures so don’t think these are the only ones I have.. ;)), the exposition contained really different things, such as costumes, quotes from the staff, objects, sets, paintings… You could even get into Ron’s flying car from the Chamber of Secrets movie. My favorite part was still the Hogwarts model, which was way bigger than what I thought it would be. I can’t imagine how long it must have been to build all of this. It got me all emotional.

As expected, the gift shop at the end of the tour was really expensive, but I still bought myself a Chocolate Frog along with a Hufflepuff Quidditch scarf. I actually wanted a casual scarf but of course, out of all the houses, mine didn’t have one. I also wanted one of the Hufflepuff jumpers but they were way too expensive for me. Well, I’m not complaining, at least I found something I liked. My brother and I also had a wtf moment when we opened our Chocolate Frogs to see which wizards cards we had, given that he had a Salazar Slytherin one and I had a Helda Hufflepuff one, which are our actual houses. You may call this chance, but I call this magic.

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This is the end of my London series, which makes me really nostalgic because I miss it more than you can imagine. Hopefully, I’ll get to go back really soon ! I hope you liked this little series though, as this is the first one I have ever done. If you didn’t, don’t worry I’ll be back with the usual posts next week 😉 but I thought it’d be nice to share all of this with you, as I -in case you didn’t get it by now- loved this trip.

Also, as you may have noticed, I changed the theme of the blog, simply because I wanted to add a sidebar for it to be organised better and the blog didn’t look good with a sidebar with my old theme. You can also go straight to the categories you’re interested in by clicking on them on top of the blog now 🙂


4 réflexions sur “London Part 3 | The Harry Potter Studios & The Natural History Museum

  1. Giulia dit :

    J’ai pas visiter ce musée à Londres, l’histoire naturelle c’est pas mon truc. Mais cela dit, ça a l’air cool ! Les studios Harry Potter, c’est sûr que c’est un incontournable pour les fans d’HP.

    En tout cas, j’ai bien aimé ce genre d’articles. Et, TOP le nouveau thème 😉 x


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