London Part 2 | Being a tourist

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Could I go to London and not play tourist around the city for a day? After all, this was one of the main reason why we came here in the first place. I had actually already seen some of these touristic parts of the city but only from the car window, as my cousin was driving me to some activity, but it was 8 years ago and I didn’t really have a chance to take time to appreciate what I was seeing. My brother and I decided to spend an entire afternoon walking around Westminster, most of the touristic elements being over there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling very well so didn’t appreciate this nice afternoon as much as I would’ve otherwise but there was no way I would stay in the hotel, especially given how short our trip there was.

As you can see from the pictures, the weather was quite changing but it didn’t rain on us (we got to the hotel just in time) so we got enough time to truly look around us without having to find a shelter and waste our afternoon. This was actually the only day we had a little rain so we didn’t really mind it anyway. I love the architecture in London. I always have this feeling that every building looks so beautiful that it could be a monument for all I know, even though they are just a regular building. I obviously took more pictures than what I just showed you but most of them contains people’s faces and I didn’t want to put them on for obvious privacy reason.

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