London Part 1 | The Cranley Hotel

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Growing up, I have discovered a new love of mine for the United Kingdom and have been lucky enough to have gone there four times now, thanks to my cousin who kindly welcomed me into her home. But having three children and working now, it has made it difficult for her to take me to London and be my guide in this city I love. This is the reason this year has probably been my favorite time in England out of the four times, because after spending a couple of days with her and her family, my brother and I headed to London for the rest of the week in a 4-star hotel, offered by our dad for Christmas, as I have mentionned in my « What I got for Christmas 2015 » blog post.

I was really anxious about this, considering that I have never been on a holiday without an adult -because my brother doesn’t really count as an adult- nor to a hotel. But I felt better the second we arrived, thanks to the kindness of the staff. I have taken a few pictures of our room which I wanted to show you but unfortunately, not as many as I wanted because I have been experiencing some issues with my phone -which is why I haven’t been snapchatting my trip unlike what I said in the last post- and didn’t feel as comfortable taking that many pictures with my mum’s phone (except in the city which you will have to wait next week to see ;)). One of the few regrets I have is not taking pictures of the room service we took and the « Good morning » bag with the day’s newspaper in it hanging at our door, as I thought it was very cute. Hopefully, I will go back there another time with an actual working phone 😉

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