The Tales of Charles Perrault


Being a litterature student, I find myself having a lot of books to read and most of the time, these books aren’t the kind I’d usually choose to read for my own enjoyment. But when my professor asked us to read at least one tale of Charles Perrault, I was really happy about it because this actually was on my list of things I wanted to read before I die.

If you think you don’t know this author, you are wrong. Ever heard of Little Red Riding Hood for example? Yes, that was him. He has written so many tales that you have heard of, even though he might not be the one who first wrote some of them, his versions of the tales are some of the most popular ones, along with the Grimm brothers. The book I took in the library which you can see above actually contains multiple versions of the same tales, that is to say that not only did I get to read my favorite tales the way Perrault wrote them but also the one by other authors, which I thought was really interesting.

Growing up reading these tales the way most of us know them, getting to read other versions of them, or the original ones was really pleasing. It brought back so many memories of my parents reading them to me before I went to bed. Actually, reading them years later was quite surprising because I kept thinking about how harshed they are and how no one seemed to care. I mean how did I not get nightmares about them when I was younger?

What I thought was nice about these tales as well was how short they are. I had this book with me all week and every time I had about 5 minutes of break, I’d read myself a new tale. Of course, when you begin reading one of those, don’t expect to be surprised, because truth is you will know how it’s gonna end, but it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it either. And yes, I am fully aware that some of the tales are mysogynist but we shouldn’t be surprised considering that it was written in the 17th century.

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5 réflexions sur “The Tales of Charles Perrault

  1. Giulia dit :

    En effet, ça doit être pas mal de les (re)lire, en faisant remonter tous ces souvenirs d’enfance. Faudrait que je m’y mette ahah 🙂
    D’ailleurs, si à l’avenir tu continues d’écrire ce genre d’articles, sache que je serai ravie, je les adore ! x


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