Coloring books – Art Therapy

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I always thought coloring was for children, but secretly enjoyed doing it. I only found out about coloring books for adults about a year ago but only bought one for myself for Christmas, as I’ve mentionned in my « What I got for Christmas! » post. What I like about those is that you get really different kind of things to color, meaning that some of them can be quite full and therefore more complicated or rather simple. This is the reason why, in my opinion, they can be for children as well as adults. Knowing that my little sister who is 10 years old enjoys coloring as much as I do, I decided to buy her one for Christmas but we ended up switching our books because she thought the bird one would be more complicated than the more random one for her.

I truly began to use it this week, coloring every evening whilst watching TV with my family, as a way to release the pressure of the day, even though let’s be honest, this week hasn’t really been that stressful. These coloring books are indeed considered Art therapy, anti-stress and it is true that coloring has always been for me to relax – except when I mess up obviously, considering that I color like a 5-year-old.

I also find the drawings beautiful and different from one-another, especially because there are a hundred of them. This way, you get to decide which one you prefer, whether you want something to take time with the complicated ones or just a few minutes with the ones that are more simple. I decided in the pictures above to show you two pages per book, just so you can see how different they can be. And let’s not forget that, because there are many drawings in these books, they will last quite a long while before having to change them. But of course, you can buy different ones and switch depending on your mood, especially since there are so many ones nowadays. Just choose a theme you like and they will probably have one for you.

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