15 things 2015 taught me

Happy New Year everyone ! I wish you all the best for this new year !

Unlike people who make resolutions for the new year and try to decide how their year is gonna go, I like to just let it happen and just go with it. Instead of making plans for what next year is gonna be like, I like to spend my last days of the year just thinking about everything that happened to me in the last 12 months and what it taught me.

2015 was a great year in my opinion, despite a few lows but can you really appreciate the highs if you don’t have any lows? And because I feel I have learnt so much this year, I thought I’d share a few of these things with you. Feel free to send me the main things that this year taught you or just anything about this year really ! 🙂

  1. Being myself is the only thing I should be. This is the only way I know people really like me for who I am and not who I’m pretending to be.
  2. Quality is always better than quantity. I’ve always wanted to have a lot of friends or just be the person everyone likes but when a lot of people turned their back on me, I had to realize that I was better off without them and really figured out who I could always count on.
  3. When it’s time to let go, just let go. This goes with the previous story and I’ve written a whole post about (x) this.I always want things to stay the way they are but this year was definitely the one when I had to realize that things change. People change. And it’s okay because so does my life.
  4. It’s okay to say no sometimes… I used to make myself miserable because sometimes I just didn’t want to do the things people want me to do. I felt like they were gonna be disappointed in me and I didn’t want that. But I realized that forcing myself to do stuff with them wasn’t gonna be enjoyable because let’s be honest, it’s not fun to be with someone who doesn’t want to be here.
  5. …but you should also learn to say yes. Just because sometimes you absolutely know you shouldn’t go doesn’t mean you never should. I had to get out of my comfort zone a lot this year, and even though I wasn’ t always thrilled, I surprised myself by having a lot of fun. Fun I wouldn’t have been having if I just stayed home.
  6. Putting myself first is important too. I always have been the kind of person who wants to make people happy and by doing so, forgetting that I need to take care of myself too. But the me-time I’ve been having this year really made me happier. Plus, we all know that at the end of the day, the only person who we’ll be together our entire life is ourselves.
  7. There’s no need to put myself down. I have been dealing with a lot of insecurities throughout my whole life, just like everybody else and  the fact that I never was content with myself didn’t make it easier. Everytime I accomplished something, it didn’t feel good enough. This year, I learnt to appreciate the things I do, as little as they may seems. Just take it one step at a time !
  8. Not everything is the end of the world. This year has been the first year I have tried to get through my anxiety and one of the best ways I found to calm myself when I felt overwhelmed was to ask myself if in a few years, this thing would feel as important as it feels right now. What would happen if it didn’t go the way I wanted to? Will it affect the rest of my life? Probably not.
  9. Getting organised is the best way to avoid stress. Yes, this one is once again related to my anxiety but mostly to school in general. I have tried really hard this year to stay organised and doing my work in advance, taking things one step at a time instead of doing everything last minute. This helps me keep me sane unlike most of my friends who work all night and struggle dealing with everything at the same time.
  10. Sleep is my best friend. I actually always knew that, but this last few months have really showed me how right I am. I am the kind of person who goes to sleep really early and even though it used to bother me to see how everyone used to make fun of me, I just stopped caring. Let them sleep less than 7 hours and watch them tired all the time with their zombie-head. Who’s laughing now?
  11. Who cares if they criticise the things I like? Being the kind of girl who likes things that could be considered ‘childish’ used to hurt me in the past because I felt ashamed, they made me feel ashamed. But really how does it affect them if I like to have a High School Musical dance party in my room? Real friends would accept me no matter what I listen to.
  12. Positivity can really change everything. I used to be such a negative person, mostly because the people I hung out with were negative themselves but now that I’ve decided to change things around, I’ve noticed a big difference in the way I see things and just the way I feel in general. It truly gives you motivation to get through hard times.
  13. The only person I need is myself. I believe the worst thing you could do is depend on certain people, simply because you don’t know if you’re gonna have them by your side forever. Plus, if you only count on yourself to do something, you’ll feel so much happy once you’ve achieved it.
  14. Stop trying so hard. I never mean to try to hard, but I do. No matter how much I want it to change, I have to admit a part of me still wants people to like me. But sometimes it’s just meant to be and talking to people even though it’s obvious they don’t really want to be your friend as much as you do is just hurting you. If it’s meant to be it will be.
  15. I can stick to something if I really work for it. I mean, isn’t this blog a leaving proof of that? 😉


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