What I got for Christmas !


Even though it was two days ago, I want to wish you all a merry Christmas and hope you’ve all had a wonderful time with your loved ones ! Christmas is my favorite day of the year so of course I was really happy even though I only got to celebrate it with my parents and siblings. I felt really blessed with everything I got so I thought I’d share it with you. One of the presents, the main one actually, isn’t in the pictures because my dad offered me and my brother a 3 days vacation in London in March, during which we’ll get to see the Harry Potter studios so we’re really excited about that ! Please let me know what you got for Christmas, I’d love to know !


First of all, I got some items from the Yves Rocher Christmas collection, which are spicy vanilla scented and trust me, the smell is absolutely amazing. I have only used the lip balm so far but I thought that the shower and bath gel would be perfect to bring with me to London and I’m always a sucker for a good hand cream and liquid hand soap so all these items will be well used, trust me ! 😉

They are limited editions so I thought that I’d give you the links to buy them now if you want to ! (Also they are apparently quite cheap so I think it’d be worth it !)

Liquid Hand SoapShower and Bath GelHand CreamLip Balm


Also from Yves Rocher, my mum bought me a few make up products. I absolutely love a good red-lips look so my mum decided to buy me a red lipstick and she made a perfect choice in the color. This lipstick is pigmented and matched my Christmas hat so I was really happy about it when I tried it on. Mine is a Grand Rouge in the shade 3.3 Rouge Gourmand or Sweer Red in English according to the website. In the same gold packaging which I am obsessed with, my mum also bought me an eye shadow palette. The colors from the palette are quite discreet (except for the black one obviously) which is a good point to me because this is actually my first palette since I don’t usually wear eye shadow. I also got a lip brush which can always be useful to define your lips and something I really like about it is that it’s retractable so basically the brush won’t get damaged when I put it in my bag ! And finally, I got a foundation which I forgot to put in the pic. I never wear foundation and only intend to use it from time to time but I think having foundation can always be useful in your make-up bag. And because I have pale skin, my mum bought me a quite light shade which is the Rosé 200.

LipstickEye Shadow paletteLip brushFoundation


The final thing my mum bought me is a new music player. Story short, I already have a music player but it’s basically full so my mum had to give me hers so I could add the music I couldn’t fit in my first music player. Apparently, buying me a new music player is a subtle way for her to tell me she wants hers back.. 😉

And finally I bought myself a few things as well, because Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself so I bought myself an oversized shirt from Primark which I’ll be using as a pajama top, as I always do and I thought the text on it would be perfect for a pajama. And it was only 5€ so I couldn’t say no to that. I also bought myself a coloring book because I have to do something with my hands while I watch tv so I thought it’d be perfect for it and also a great way for me to relax, which is always a plus. I actually bought the one you see in the picture for my sister but she liked the one I bought myself more so basically I decided to trade. What a good sister I am !

Of course on top of that I got a lot of chocolate, mainly from my brother who didn’t know what to offer me but I’m definitely not complaining about that !

Next time I’ll see you, New Year’s will have passed so I also wanted to wish you an early Happy New Year and don’t forget not to get too crazy and be responsable !

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8 réflexions sur “What I got for Christmas !

  1. Manon dit :

    Moi pas grand chose… J’ai eu quelques vêtements et une plastifieuse (pour les stages) et de l’argent. Et comme j’ai mon anniversaire en plus, on m’a parfois donner les deux en même temps… 🙂 mais en général on a de l’argent pour pouvoir s’acheter ce que l’on veut après…


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