Winter Essentials


December is here, and even though I’m not a fan of this cold season, I have to admit that the only reason why I don’t like it is that I have to go to school anyway, because let’s be honest, I do love it during the holidays. And most importantly, December is one of my favorite month because we finally get to celebrate Christmas. Yes, I am one of those crazy Christmas fanatic, and I am not ashamed of it. And because I love Christmas, I thought I would share some of my favorite things about Winter, for the days I just stay home under my blanket and just enjoy how comfy this time of year is.


Comfy clothes. Because how can you enjoy a comfy day home when you are not feeling comfy yourself? These items are definitely the items I wear the most throughout the season. They make me feel so warm and soft, I don’t think you could go wrong with them. I was so obsessed with the leggings that I bought them way oversized simply because it was the only size available and there was no way I’d go home without them. They definitely look a lot more Christmasy than the socks, I need to find some Christmas themed socks but the colors still fit the season so it doesn’t really matter. Everything came from Primark so it’s definitely affordable for anyone who wants the same type of clothing items !


What would Christmas be without its legendary music? They instantly make you feel so much more festive, whether you listen to some songs which will make you dance around the house or just calm you down. I have so many favorite songs, I don’t think I could decide which one I love the most among them. I recently bought these four CDs in a pack, containing a CD with classic songs such as Jingle Bells or Have Yourself A Merry Christmas, another one with choirs which I will mostly be using during Christmas diner or times like that, one with Gospel music and finally Sacred Chants. I found it absolutely perfect because it has so many different songs and each CDs has its own kind of ambiance. Plus, it was only 10€ for 80 songs so I definitely thought it was worth buying. Of course these aren’t the only Christmas CDs I own or just listen to but they were the ones I thought would cover the entire kind of Christmas songs.20151213_113825

Is there anything better than a good book next to the fire with a hot drink in your hands? Well, not in my opinion. Because I study literature, I have a lot of books to read for my classes and find myself struggling to read something I chose to read for my own enjoyment, even though I do enjoy most of the books I have been studying. But this time of the year is my favorite when it comes to just relax and reading is probably the thing I do that relaxes me the most, so I’ll never say no to a good book. I actually don’t own much winter books such as ‘The Snow Child’ in the pic above but I really intend to change it because I really enjoyed it when I read this book. So if you have any suggestions of books you would consider good for winter, please let me know !


Another thing I really enjoy doing at this time of the year during my free time is watching a good Christmas movie. There are so many of them, whether it’s romantic comedy, comedy, cartoon, you only have to pick. I just find Christmas movies to be so great because no matter what, they always have a happy ending and will just fill your heart with joy. And even though it might not snow wherever you live, you can be sure it will in these movies, so just close the curtains and pretend it’s the same outside ! I included three of my favorites Christmas movies of all time but of course these aren’t the only ones I enjoy, trust me ! So get your blanket, your hot drinks and some snacks and just enjoy a good movie !

Speaking of snacks, winter is probably the best time to eat lots of chocolate without feeling as guilty as you usually do -even though let’s be honest, I never really feel guilty when it comes to chocolate. If you feel a bit down, chocolate is known to be a good way to improve your mood but even if you don’t feel that way, there isn’t a good enough reason to stop you from eating some. My cousins living in Germany came to visit last week and because Saint Nicolas is celebrated where they live, they came bringing a bag full of chocolates for each of us and I just fell so happy about it, it already felt like Christmas to me ! And yes, I struggled to find chocolates to include in the pic because I ate most of the things they gave me. No shame though ! 😉

What are your favorite things about Christmas and Winter in general? 🙂

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