On repeat | Little Mix – Get Weird


Hello to you little peanuts !

I have been wondering all weekend whether I should make a post about the events in Paris -considering I live there myself- or if I should blog like I usually do. I decided that, considering that this blog is my happy place, I do not want to include this tragedy, even though it affected me and I can’t get it out of my head. But I don’t want to let them win, I’m not gonna let them stop me from living and being happy. I’d rather risk my life but still enjoy every moment of it than live in fear, because I don’t call that living.

And what better way to share some light in this moment of darkness than telling you about something I’ve really been enjoying this week? Especially because in my opinion, music is one of the best way to get through hard times.

One of the biggest regrets of my life is the lack of girl-bands in the music industry. Even as a little girl, I’ve always loved girl-bands and me and one of my best friends were planning on starting one when we got older. Never happened though, mostly because we’re not talented enough haha. But because I am not talented enough to be in a girl band doesn’t mean I love them any less. I’d even say that it has grown over the years.

I always like to watch XFactor, not only in France but in other countries as well, including the UK. But for some reason I rarely get to the live shows just because I feel like the auditions and other things before the live shows are actually the best part but 2011 was different. I fell in love with 4 girls with beautiful voices and happened to win the show that year. And I’ve never stopped loving them ever since.

The girls have come so far since they won the XFactor and I was extremely excited about their new album because we had been waiting for it for 2 years now and I needed new music. Let me tell you that the wait was definitely worth it. I love every single one of the songs and the vocals are amazing. One thing I absolutely love is the way their voices sound absolutely perfect together, they definitely were meant to end up with one-another. Their harmonies are absolute magic to my ears and I love that ‘The End’ is an acapella song, because it allows us to really appreciate every second of it. They already did the same thing in their second album Salute with their song ‘Boy’ which was actually one of my favorite song of the album. But in a way, ‘The End’ is even better than ‘Boy’ because it’s even more emotional and as you probably know by now, I like to be crushed.

But another thing I really enjoy about Little Mix is that they can also make music that will make you want to dance and sing as loud as you can because some of their songs are just really fun. They’re definitely the ones I like to put on when I just want to have a dance party in my room or find music that will make me want to do stuff. It will help you get through a hard day or just shake it off at the end of the day.

I hope that this album will give the girls the success they deserve because they deserve so much more than what they currently have. One thing’s sure, I’ll be there every step of the way ! Make sure you’ll be there as well because something tell me it’s gonna be a hell of a ride ! 😉

Have a good week ! ♥

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