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Hello my little peanuts !

I have been quite busy this week so I haven’t discovered something new to share with you, but because I decided there was no way I’d skip a post when I’ve been posting every Sunday for months now. Just because I haven’t tried something new doesn’t mean I haven’t been enjoying anything and this is what this post is gonna be about. I don’t know what happened to me lately but I have been absolutely obsessed with superheroes. I actually always loved them but I have truly been obsessed this week. I dreamt about it twice this week and I’m not complaining at all to be honest, dreams where I kick ass are definitely my favorite kind of dreams ! 😉

You might not consider the Green Arrow a superhero because he doesn’t have any superpowers like most of them, but that doesn’t stop him from saving people thanks to his multiple capacities, does it? I particularly like the fact that he’s an archer, mostly because I’ve always liked everything related to archery. I just realized that bows and arrows have always been my favorite weapons, I have no idea why though.

I love tv shows with action but I also love complex characters who evolve throughout the series and I feel like it has been the case for most of the characters in the show. Things I really like about the characters in this show is that it counts a lot of women and I’m all about female characters kicking ass. I have to admit that I’d like them to have more alone screen time and be explored deeper, but I’m still quite content with them. Thea has been one of my favorite characters since the beginning of the show and I love to see what she has become.

I was quite worried before I started the show that I might end up disappointed in Oliver, mostly because he was my favorite character in Smallville when I was younger and I didn’t want them to ruin my love for him with this new show, but luckily, it hasn’t been the case at all. My love for Oliver Queen is not fading away, that’s for sure !

Another thing I really enjoy about this tv show is the diversity of its storylines throughout the seasons, because one thing I hate about tv shows is when I feel like we’re never going anywhere because it’s always the same thing over and over again. Arrow offers us different villains and the storyline of the character also differs, mostly because they evolve and go through different things throughout the seasons.

I always loved superheroes, so it was interesting to me to see the difficulties that came with it, not only having to keep the secret but having to balance your normal life and your hidden identity (Hannah Montana much ? ;)) because I’m already having trouble dealing with my normal life, I can »t imagine having to deal with two and still be hated for this by some people.

Anyway, I know most people watch this show so I’d want to know what YOU love about it if you watch it and if you don’t than what are you waiting for my friend?

Have a good week ♥

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