Typical Autumn Outfits


Hello to you little peanuts !

Today’s post is quite a different one, but there are a few reasons for that, the most important one being that I messed up all the things I baked for Halloween, and I don’t think it would be fair to you to show you that. Anyway, I thought this would be a nice little post, because even though I’m not really a fashion person (I mean I like fashion but I just don’t know how to be fashion haha), I always loved to read about what people enjoy wearing, especially in this season which is, as you already know given that I say this in every post, my favorite.

Obviously this isn’t all I wear every day, thank God, but when I think Autumn, these are the first items that pop into my mind. And as you can see through the pictures, my clothes aren’t the most colored ones (which annoys my mum in a way you can’t imagine haha) but I think it fits this time of the year pretty well and I add a bit of color through the beauty bits, as you will see. Also I didn’t include my boots or coat/jacket simply because I need to buy new ones and didn’t think it would make sense to include items I wouldn’t actually use throughout the season but don’t worry, I’m still putting some on ! 😉

wpid-20151101_104138.jpgH&M jumper                                          

I bought this jumper in Germany about 2 years ago and I’ve basically worn it all the time ever since, whether it was cold summer days or rather hot winter days, but Autumn being the perfect middle between these two types of days, I found it absolutely perfect for this time of the year. It’s indeed quite a light jumper so I wouldn’t recommend to wear it on cold days ! It is also quite oversized (like most of the things I wear, let’s be honest) and one of the comfiest things I own. Hopefully it will continue to fit me for a long time because I can’t imagine not wear it !



Forever 21 jumper

This jumper is quite confusing to me, because it actually doesn’t feel like a jumper but it’s still one? I bought it about two years ago as well, I got a little crazy this year, especially in Forever 21 but I don’t regret it at all. Again, this is quite a light one so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it on cold days. But I just loved that it was rather a simple one except for the sleeves which added something special to it. It looks a bit weird on the picture for some reason but I swear it looks much better in real life ! 😉

wpid-20151101_104917.jpgH&M pants

Anyone who met me knows that I’m the kind of person who only wears jeans. I own no leggings or anything like that, which is annoying to everyone, me included, but I just don’t want to bother. This is the only thing in my closet that is not jean material, and I absolutely love it. It’s really soft and comfortable and really easy to put on/off. If like me you take hours getting dressed in the morning because you’re too lazy to squeeze into your jeans but are not feeling like wearing something other than pants, than this is PERFECT for you. I actually bought it at the same time than the first item, and they look really nice together so that’s even better !


As I said before, I like to use my beauty products – understand nail polish and lipstick – to add a bit of color to the outfit, but I’m not going to use any colors ! They have to match the season, which means they have to be quite dark. But it’s still color, right ? 🙂

Rimmel 60 seconds rapid ruby (320)

This nail polish is probably the one I use the most, simply because I love its color. It’s kind of a bloody red, so it’s rather dark but not too dark either. It feels quite nice on the nails as well, not too heavy and it dries quickly, just as it says it does (well I didn’t check if it was exactly 60 seconds but still)

Vera Valenti nail polish (35)

I’m actually not a big fan of these nail polishes, which I bought years ago on the market but this one is actually okay. It’s the only one I manage not to mess up and it stays quite a long time on the nails (I’ve worn it about 2 weeks). Of course this brown color totally fits Autumn so that’s always a plus !

Kiko intensly lavish lipstick (06)

This lipstick was actually given to me as a present for my birthday by a good friend of mine, because she knew that I wanted to try out the dark lips. I’ve never been a lipstick person but I’m getting used to it and find myself wearing it most days. It doesn’t stay too long on my lips but I’m the one to blame on this one because I tend to forget I have it on. It’s just not heavy on your lips ! And can we talk about how beautiful the packaging looks? Definitely my favorite one ! The only thing I don’t get is why does it look so bright on my lips when I take pictures even though it’s definitely dark haha

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed it ! Let me know what YOUR typical Autumn outfit is like !

I’ll see you next Sunday ! ♥

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