On repeat | Demi Lovato – Confident


wpid-20151025_113638.jpgHello to you little peanuts !

I know, I’ve made a ‘On repeat’ two weeks ago but it’s not my fault if all the artists release their albums at the same time ! 😉 I actually wanted to make this post last week, when this album actually came out but I thought I’d wait a bit so I can talk about other things than music.

I have mentioned Demi in one of my older posts, saying that she has been my favorite singer for 7 years now -I feel old, why do I feel old?- and even though I don’t always like her decisions or the way she acts sometimes, I’m always gonna support her no matter what, simply because she has helped me to get through a lot in my life. I found her voice to be one of the most powerful voices of this generation and I love the fact that even though she has changed her music a lot through the years, this aspect has not changed. Let’s be honest, high notes are the best parts of every song, and the fact that she can rock them even live makes it even better.

Demi has gained so much confidence after everything she’s been through, you can not only hear it in her lyrics but also feel it in the way she sings them. Calling her album ‘Confident’ definitely makes sense. I love the message she sends through her songs, because I feel like everyone can relate to them in their own way. No matter what you’re going through in your life, these songs will help you get through it. And I’m talking from personal experience. Even though the other albums had more vulnerable songs, this one contains songs that will make you feel like a real badass and just.. Confident.

But just because some of the songs have this badass sound doesn’t mean the vulnerable songs are gone. Confident counts among all its songs a special one called ‘Father’ which is about her late father, and even though she probably won’t sing it live because of how personal it is, just like she hasn’t sung ‘For The Love Of A Daughter’ and ‘Shouldn’t Come Back’ from her latest albums, which are about the same subject. I just feel like it must require so much strength to put your feelings about something so personal out for everyone to see, and I love that she did it anyway, especially because it can help so many people who are going through the same thing. Sure, ‘Father’ isn’t the only ballad from the album but in my opinion, it’s the one which will move people the most.

If I had to choose my favorite songs from the album, I’d probably pick Old Ways and Waitin for You in the category of the more badass/energetic songs but among the vulnerable ones, I’d probably choose Stone Cold, Lionheart and Father. Yes, I am fully aware that this is half of the album but I just love all the songs so much, it was hard enough to me to pick those ones ! haha

And just because I feel like we all should take the time to appreciate Demi’s voice and this amazing song, I decided to leave you a extract of the album through a song, just to make you understand why I’m so obsessed with it. I have been watching this video ever since it came out and God knows I’m not gonna stop any time soon. So let me know what you think of Demi and this album and just enjoy the beauty of this song 😉

See you next Sunday ! ♥

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