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Good morning/afternoon/evening !

Autumn is officially here, and when I mean it’s here, I mean the temperature has definitely cooled down. It actually feels more like Winter than Autumn because of how cold it is, but I refuse to give up on Autumn. Anyway, with this cold weather, I find that nothing is better than laying on the couch (or on your bed but I don’t have a TV in my room so the couch it is !) under a soft blanket with -of course- a hot chocolate to keep you warm and a good movie to relax and have a nice time.

I have to admit that the movies I mostly watch at this time of the year -including Winter even though I prefer to watch Christmas movies because let’s be honest they’re the best- are Disney movies. I know, it’s October and October means Halloween so I should watch movies Halloween related movies and I will ! But for now it’s all about Disney.

I am a huge Disney fan -but then again, who isn’t?- so I have basically watched most of them about a million times, but I just don’t seem to get enough ! Tangled is one of these movies I wouldn’t mind watching everyday. This is definitely one of my favorite Disney movies for so many reasons. I love the fact that unlike most Disney movies, the main story-line isn’t based on a love story even though you can’t deny that Rapunzel and Flynn Rider’s love story was one of the main stories of the movie. The movie, in my opinion, is more about Rapunzel’s discover of the world and just living her dream, at least that’s the first thing coming into my mind when I think about it.

I also love how independent she is, I mean just look at her with her frying pan, the girl can take care of herself ! 😉 and that even though she has been warned by Mother Gothel her whole life about the over-presence of danger in the outside world, she is brave enough to go outside and trust a criminal. I sure as hell wouldn’t !

I find the movie quite realistic concerning Rapunzel’s life in the tower and her relation with Mother Gothel. The girl has been locked in a tower for 18 years, of course she’s gonna be bored at some point as we can see when she’s singing « When Will My Life Begin » and she’s gonna be curious about these mysterious lights in the sky appearing every year on her birthday. She’s also gonna be scared when she hears a rabbit in the bushes because she has be warned about danger and has never experienced it before, even I get scared when I hear something in the bushes ! And I love that they represented her dilemma when she’s happy that she finally left her tower but is also worried about her mum’s reaction. Mother Gothel has been the only person she has ever known in her life, someone who took care of her. Can you blame Rapunzel for believing all the lies she has been told by this ‘Mother’ of hers? And of course she wouldn’t want to hurt the only person she knows, that’s why she didn’t insist much about her birthday wish and decided to make sure she wouldn’t find out about her little escapade.

I also find the actors chosen for the voices of the characters to be absolutely perfect for their roles. I already talked about my love for Mandy Moore in my post about A Walk To Remember so obviously I loved to hear her beautiful voice again but I never heard Zachary Levi before so I was pleasantly surprised. Not gonna lie, every time he starts to sing in I See The Lights (which is my favorite song and probably my favorite scene as well, everything is just so beautiful), I get goosebumps. My heart just can’t take it.

I just can’t wait to get more time off from uni so I can have enough time to watch more Disney movies like this, just because they make me feel so much better. And God knows, with everything’s that’s going on right now, every second I get to relax for a bit is welcome haha.

Have a good week ! ♥

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