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a walk to remember

Good evening my little peanuts !

Summer is already ending -even though I only start University at the end of September- and what better way to enjoy your last nights of rest to relax than with a good movie? Lucky you, I decided to start this new category of posts which will be, if you hadn’t guessed already, about movies. Now, I’m not really a movie person, unlike most people from my family. Sure, I enjoy watching movies on Saturday nights but that’s it. And to be honest, most of the movies are adaptations of books I read.. I just don’t have enough motivation to stay focused for 2 hours. Well.. I am when it comes from tv shows which I watch for 7 hours straight but it’s different because I can take breaks between the episodes.

A Walk To Remember is quite different when it comes to this. I wouldn’t mind watching it several times in a row to be honest.. But then again, it’s my favorite movie so I guess it kind of makes sense. I wanted to watch it for the 100th time to celebrate my birthday -which was Thursday- because what better way to celebrate your birthday than watching your favorite movie? Even my mother watched it with me even though she doesn’t understand English and was supposed to read her book and just like me, she’s not really a fan of movies. So I thought to myself, why not talk about it to other people who might have not seen it so they can enjoy it as much as we did?

Now, I’ve already told you, I’m a sucker for romance so of course I fell for the cliché of the perfect little christian girl and the popular boy who come from two different worlds but find themselves drown to each other. Yes, I like that kind of movies/books, I’m not gonna apologize for that. So of course I was gonna watch this movie. Plus, it’s an adaptation from a book by Nicholas Sparks and even though I have never read any of this book (something I need to change as soon as possible), I’ve seen all the movie adaptations of his books and I absolutely love them.

I thought the casting was quite good as well, at least I don’t see anyone else playing Landon and Jaime the way Shane West and Mandy Moore did. He definitely looks like the popular boy who every girl has a crush on -and can you blame them?- whereas she has the face and voice of an angel. And they look good together. I also love that Mandy Moore was featuring multiple times on the soundtrack, simply because I have fallen in love with her voice. It’s just so sweet ! Of course, and most importantly, their acting is also amazing. They made me cry so much !

Yes, this is something I might need to mention. This movie will break your heart every way possible. As I said before, I have watched this movie may times before but every time, I find myself hoping that maybe the ending will have changed since the last time. But it never does and I find myself dried out because of all the tears I cried. When my mum figured out what was gonna happen, she said she didn’t understand why I kept watching it. If a movie makes her cry, you can be sure that she’ll never watch it again. But I’m not like that, nooooo ! I like to torture myself, obviously. Movies which will make me cry are my favorite kind of movie. Yes, I’m pathetic like that. Anyway, my advice would be to hide your heart in a box before you start watching the movie, unless you want to find it completely crushed like mine at the end.

Anyway, I really hope you liked this post ! Feel free to tell me your opinions about this movie, whether you have already watched it or intend to.

Also, remember that you can submit anything you’d want me to try/talk about here !

I’ll see you next week ! ♥

PS : I can’t credit the picture I put at the top of the post, simply because I’ve had it for a long time on my computer and don’t remember where I found it so… Credit to its owner?

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