On repeat | Zedd – True Colors

True_ColorsHello peanuts !

I thought I’d add a new category of blog-post which will be dedicated to music because it is one of the most important things in my life. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like music? There are so many music types, everyone can be sure they’ll find something they’ll like. Maybe the diversity is one of the factor of my love for music. I like change. I like discovering new things. And with music, you can be sure that you’ll always have something new to discover.

I’m not gonna say I love every type of music, but I like to give a chance to everything without any clichés or anything like that. I’ve never been such a fan of music made by DJs, I always felt like it wasn’t really me. Sure, I like to listen to some of their songs at special occasions, when I’m in a super good mood and just want to party, but let’s be honest, I’m not much of a party girl. Their music is just to bouncy for me and I get easily tired by it.

But then I found out about Zedd. Well, actually I’ve heard some of his music before and liked it but I didn’t know it was him. I had no idea why people sometimes talked about him, because I didn’t think I knew any of his work. But then a few months before, his song ‘I Want You To Know’ featuring Selena Gomez went out. I’m a huge fan of Selena Gomez -judge me all you want, I don’t care- so of course I listened to the song again and again and never stopped loving it. Then I heard on Twitter that Echosmith and Troye Sivan- which I both love as well- were also featuring on his new album. So I told myself that I’d listen to the album, just to give it a try and this decision was one of the best I had.

True Colors is one of my favorite albums of this summer. I’ve listened to it all the time, whether I was at the beach or doing the dishes, it didn’t matter. It didn’t give me a headache, which I was afraid it would be. See, for me, music made by DJs are always full of the same beats and it’s doing nothing other than annoy me. But this isn’t the case here, on the contrary. The music changes all the time, and it even has rather quiet music, at least more quiet than what I was expecting.

So yes, maybe I’ll give a try to song by DJs more often, after all, Zedd might not be the only one to surprise me.. But for now, I’ll keep listening  to this album again and again until the summer is over and I’ll have to move onto songs more.. autumny, if I may say so 😉

Anyway, I want to know what your feedback on this album/artist is, and if you’d have something of the same kind you’d think I might enjoy as well?

Until next time ! ♥

PS : If you’re wondering what my favorite songs from the album are.. They change all the time but lately, Daisy and Illusion are definitely the ones I’ve listened to the most.

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