Welcome on imalittlepeanut !

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog !

I don’t really know what to write here, to be honest.. Hum.. Should I begin by introducing myself? My name’s Celia, I’m sixteen and I live near Paris. There, this is the basic introduction that no one cares about. I had many blogs before this one. They might not have been successful but I loved having them. The majority was fan fictions but don’t worry, this one isn’t so it might not be as disastrous, at least I hope not. Which brings us to this question : what will this blog be about?

Well, readers, this will be a personal blog but not personal in the talking about my life and my life only way (don’t worry about that, I don’t even have a life so.. that won’t be a problem haha). I’m not saying I won’t EVER talk about my life, there may be times when I tell you about big events that happened to me. I’ll talk to you about places I’ve been to, books, tv shows, movies or music that I like so you can try them as well (if you want to of course)

So, here we go.. I suppose you understood what all of this is about and I don’t know what to add. Don’t hesitate to share suggestions, thoughts, questions or whatever you want to. You can also tell me about some things you’d like me to try (especially movies since I don’t really watch a lot of them) so I can tell you my opinion about them. I’d love to know what you enjoy !!!

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog. I already love you, just for that and I can’t wait to get to know you ! 🙂 (at least if someone ever visit my blog, which I doubt but whatever)

PS : One of the annoying thing about me is that it can take me a lot of time to write a post so I apologize for that. I’ll do my best !!! *pinky promise*

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